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Report # 35339  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, May 9, 2012.
Unexplained happenings on a farm outside Tuscaloosa
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Tuscaloosa County

NEAREST TOWN: Tuscaloosa

NEAREST ROAD: near Yellow Creek Road

OBSERVED: I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama in the Yellow Creek Community ... My husband and I have heard screams in the woods from some kind of animal that is so loud and it has a long guttural yell that sounds like a man... We have never heard anything like this. This has been going on now for three weeks in March 2012, almost every night just about 8:30, or right before it getting dark. Then it stops for about a month, and now it has started back up again. I have lived in the country all my life and I am 52 and my husband is 66 years old. We are not a bunch of kids making these things up. I know what cougars, coyotes, bears and wolves all sound like. We have never heard anything like this in the woods before... Other then fourteen years ago, my son who is in the Army and still is to this day. He and I were sitting outside one night at 11:00 talking... We heard the same thing yell out then... It came from behind my house and it yells out in that long guttural yell three times and after the third time it sounded like there was 50 or more coyotes were surrounding us and they stated yapping like crazy. ... The recent sounds are coming between my Grandfather's old house place and my home... It is about a 1/2 mile away. We have a huge lake behind us and nothing but woods... My grandfather has some old abandoned gravel pits and lakes close by too.. There is a swamp in front of our home about 1/4 mile away. I was also told when I was a child that back in the 1930’s my grandfather went through the gravel pit one night ... He saw something setting on a hill that looked like a huge hairy thing that had a face like a man.... This was before all the media hype from the Patterson films.. I need help because this thing is getting closer to our home. My husband doesn't have good hearing and he said he could hear it upstairs one night and it sounded like it was in the yard. We have animals, Cattle and Donkeys here we don't know whether to shoot at the sounds from where it is coming from or what... On March 31, 2012, it sounded like it was right down at the bottom of the holler right past our fence ... It sounded like TWO of whatever this thing is, was mad and was yelling at us. I got so scared I took off running into the house.... I have never been so frightened in my life, and believe me when I say I go outside a lot at night by myself I really do, we have a huge wraparound porch I love to listen to the owls and whippoorwill at night but nothing like this has ever happen to me before.... Last week I went to put my puppy up for the night in our garage then I heard whatever this thing is, let out a scream, I called for my husband to come home it was back. When he got here we heard it growl. It came from the same area as before. Like I said before we heard it just about every night for 3 ˝ weeks and then nothing… That night I told my husband HE BACK! Then the next night we heard it again but this time down in front our house down at the swamp. For the past 2 years people have stripped cut thousands of acreage of land all around here and a lot of animals have migrated around here. My father didn’t have his timber cut and he has a large amount of land and we live in the middle of it. We have no one who lives by us. I e-mail you at BFRO in March and I have been talking with one of your investigators.

ALSO NOTICED: Last week when it growled out it frightened our cows and donkeys pretty bad.

OTHER WITNESSES: 4 My husband, son and I. Plus I was on the phone with my daughter-in-law and she was able to hear it.

OTHER STORIES: I have been getting calls from people who too have said they have seen and heard some things. As you know when you start talking about something they have never heard or seen everyone thinks your crazy.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: We heard it right as it was getting dark

ENVIRONMENT: This has happened at my home where I live in a very heavy wooded place where there lots of lakes and a swamp close by. There are not many public roads on my fathers land. He has them locked up.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Michael Brumfield :

The witness and her husband heard screams from some kind of animal. It was a loud, long guttural yell that sounds like a man...It began in March 2012, about 8:30 or so each evening. Then it stopped for about a month, and then started back up again. The witness has lived in the country all her life and says the very first time she heard the sound was fourteen years ago, while sitting on the porch with her son who is in the Army. The sounds are coming from about a 1/2 mile away. There is a huge lake behind the house and woods. There is a swamp in front of the home about 1/4 mile away

On March 31, 2012 the sound seemed like it was right down at the bottom of the holler right past the fence. The witness thought that it sounded like two of whatever this thing was. She and her husband heard it just about every night for 3 ˝ weeks and then nothing. For the past couple of years people have strip cut thousands of acreage of land all around the area and a lot of animals have migrated.

On Aug 12, 2013 her nephew saw a creature in a field about one mile from her farm.

She has heard branches breaking and footsteps in the woods. She owns 5000 acres of never cut timber. She has had cattle and other livestock for years, in all that time a one-ton bull has never caused fence damage like she is seeing. She has had several yards of fence torn up and three wooden fence posts pulled right out of the ground.

She has installed cameras around the property hoping to catch something. She has agreed to stay in touch .

Update: On December 26, 2013 the witness called to tell me she found a line of 18 inch tracks in a muddy area of her farm. Also, she has been hearing wood knocks and howls since hunting season began. She recently found 30 ft. pine trees twisted several times until they splinted.

About BFRO Investigator Michael Brumfield :

Mike has worked 15 years as a quality control lab technician. Has attended many private investigations, BFRO Georgia 2011, Alabama 2013, NW Florida 2013 and 2014,2015. He has been interested in the Bigfoot subject since he was a kid. Spent time as a docent at the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Avid outdoorsman, spent most of his life in the woods and has hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail.
Mike helped organize the Alabama 2013, NW Florida 2015 public expedition.

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