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Report # 35188  (Class B)
Submitted by witness No on Thursday, April 26, 2012.
Possible daytime sighting behind a home outside Anadarko
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 26

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Caddo County

LOCATION DETAILS: Just behind our home in Prairie Village. The housing addition is just off of First Street and our home backs up to the Washita River and we live on the culdasac Tonemah Parkway.


NEAREST ROAD: Tonemah Parkway

OBSERVED: I saw a Big Foot outside of our bathroom window in Anadarko today 4/26/12 around 12pm. It walked along the tree line and then quickly down into the Washita River. I could only see it from the waist up because of the grass being so tall but it was at least 6 feet tall and around 275 pounds if not more. It was covered in long brownish hair. I only saw the back of it but he said it was NOT a human and was surely a Big Foot.

OTHER STORIES: We've asked locals and they say that there are several sitings in our area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 12pm. Full sunlight and clear weather.

ENVIRONMENT: Lots of trees and walked down into the trees going into the Washita River.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Darnell:

5-31-12: Spoke with Jason at length about his sighting. He described the area where he lives as being very near the Washita River. His back porch faces north towards the river, which is within eyesight and very close. He reports that while using the restroom, he saw something out of the window that caught his eye. At first, he thought that maybe it was his neighbor. He looked again and saw that it was not his neighbor, but rather a reddish brown colored creature, completely covered in hair. It was about 6' 2" tall and "thick". He described it as being only 20 yards away when it was walking towards the river. He watched it take several steps before disappearing into the tree line and down into the river bottom. He was positive that it was not a person--he saw hair from "mid thigh up" and the hair on the head was longer. He repeated that this sighting was at noon in broad daylight. The creature did not turn around and he did not see its face. "There is no way that this thing was human." He clearly saw that the creature was covered in hair, but noted that the hair on its head was longer than on the rest of its body. Once it was in the trees, its color looked a lot darker. When it was in the sunlight, it was light reddish brown. He seemed like a reliable witness with nothing to gain or lose from talking to me.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Darnell:

Robert is a native Oklahoman and has lived in rural NE Oklahoma as well as Southwest OK and SE Arkansas. He grew up hunting and fishing and is an amateur birdwatcher. Hobbies include landscaping, cycling, and fishing. Attended 2011 Fall Oklahoma BFRO expedition and 2012 Oklahoma BFRO private field expedition.

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