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Report # 33872  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 27, 2012.
Grandmother has a possible night time sighting from her home in the city of Nevada
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: February

DATE: 22

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Vernon County

LOCATION DETAILS: Just off the Hwy71 Camp Clark exit



OBSERVED: I literally live 200 yards from the Hwy 71/Camp Clark exit in Nevada, MO., its the very edge of town. My daughter and her children were gone that night and I was watching out the front door for the Church van to bring the kids home. There are only two street lights on this road and is mainly open fields around the 9 homes on in. There is a Wal-mart Super Center two blocks away and a new Pilot truck stop about three. The one big field across from the Pilot is where I saw this thing! It looked like it was cutting across the empty field and headed southward out of town. It was at least 8-9 foot tall (by measure of the trees in the field and quite large. The creature roared just like a cross between a lion and a wolf-both of which I have heard. It crossed behind the house across the street and started banging trash bins and continued on into the countryside.

ALSO NOTICED: It was extremely noisy all the way out of town making dogs and coyotes howl.




ENVIRONMENT: open fields and a few homes, buildings.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Larry Newman:

I spoke to this witness by phone. She is a grandmother and was waiting for her grandchildren to return home on a bus. It was at 7:45 PM. From her house she could see across the field to the truckstop and the lighting from the truckstop backlit the tall dark figure in her view. There is an open field with a small group of trees in the middle and she first saw it at the edge of the trees. Some of the tree tops were taller and this is the gauge she used to approximate its height. It moved across the road toward the southwest into another field and behind some houses. There is a Wal-Mart store there and as it crossed behind the store she heard a sound like dumpsters being shoved again the back of the store. At that time she heard the first roar. As she continued to listen she again heard the roar and more metal being thrown around. This was at the north end of the local racetrack. Dogs were barking and she had the impression the creature continued to the southwest where more trees and a small dry creek begins.

She described it to be large and dark. She could see long arms swinging as it walked. I asked her if it walked on four legs, but she was sure it walked upright with a gait "just like the ones in the videos".

This is the only sighting she has had although she lived in Oklahoma several years ago when there were sightings in the Enid area.

Due to recent activity in this area and this witness being responsive to questioning, I believe this to be a credible sighting. I am hoping to meet with this witness and detail more of this report in the future.

About BFRO Investigator Larry Newman:

Life long hunter and fisherman with tracking skills.
Fall 2009 Missouri expedition.
Retired Law Enforcement investigator and certified crime scene investigator. Also experienced and trained in interview techniques and written statement analysis.

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