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Report # 3385  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 25, 1999.
Raccoon hunter in a corn field is knocked down by a large animal running from coon hunters.
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YEAR: 1974


MONTH: October

DATE: late oct.1974


COUNTY: Auglaize County

LOCATION DETAILS: near the comunity of glynwood 9miles out side of st.marys ohio.insident occured 1mile off glynwood st.rt.33about 5 miles north.



OBSERVED: we had been coon hunting there were 4 of us we were running 3 black&tan coon hounds. it was a full moon in the late fall of the year.we had just been running the dogs in a 40 acre section one of the largest section of wood in this area. well when the moon rose there not much since in coon huting because the coon lay up when the full moon comes up. so we 4 were walking the dogs out heading back to the truck to load the dogs up and call it a night.all at once the dogs took off from us then all hell broke the way i was the only one that didnt have a lite or a dog.the guys that owned the dogs took off after them.i heard the dogs yelping like i never heard before you could hear the fear in them by the way they sounded. i was left standing in the middel of a corn fild with corn still standing in it. i heard this blood crudling scream.and it kept screaming and head right my way. i could hear the guys behind this scream yelling at ther dogs tring to settal them down. so what ever this was it was heading my way and it sounded like a tank coming. i turn and started running as hard as i could and this thing was ganging on me very quick.and i used to be a very fast runner. but i was running thur a corn fild but i was picking them up and putting them down.and what ever this was was coming right up the path i was make thur the corn field. i couldnt run no more so i turned to face what ever it was sreaming and coming on me very quick. it didnt take but a few sec. and there it was i was scared to death it ran right into me and knocked me down. but when i first seen it come thur the corn it was bent over and had a deer on it shoulder and neck and when it ran into me it was as surprised to see me as i was it. when it ran me over it droped the deer and i mean it was gone in a flash. i was dazed and had the wind knocked out of me and the deer it droped this was really strange because the deer was still alive its back bottem part of it leg was twisted almost completely off. it was a spike buck i belive because it antlers were busted off. i mean this deer just layed there the other guys herd me screaming and this thing screaming and they were coming on the run with the dogs.when they got to were i was at they helped me up and they thaught that the deer and i had had a run in in the corn. i told them what happened but they didnt belive me and one of the guys was my brother. he said the dogs had run into deer before and never had they acted that way. well we had the deer to take care of we radio the game-warden and i told him what happened and he looked at me like i was crazy because i still was pretty shook up yet.the warden said that the deer must of got caught up in the fence and twisted it leg off. i told him there was no fence.well any ways thats what he put in his report. then he shot the deer and filled out some paper work and released the dead deer to us my brother and i took the deer home and dressed it out the deers back leg was not only twisted the hip bone was pulled out of socket and the back bone was broken.and the antler were broken off.the deer weighted about 150lb. but the meat was so bruised we couldnt do anything with it.there were no cuts in this deer like they are when they are hit by a car. this deer had the crap beat out of it. my brother agreed something had a hold of it.he said something big. the way its leg was twisted and its back all busted. i took be made fun of for quit a few years over this no one belived me and they were right there in the same area with me.

ALSO NOTICED: dogs went nut and broke from us and then all hell broke loose you could hear the fear in the dogs yelps and this sream like a woman getting her throat cut.

OTHER WITNESSES: walking ther dogs out of the woods we were in the corn field when this all started.

ENVIRONMENT: about a 40acer woods with a stream runing thur it set off the road about a mile also filds all the around this section.corn on the far side.the other crops had been removed

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