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Report # 338  (Class B)
Submitted by witness B. on Friday, September 22, 2000.
Loud screams menace hunters along Mississippi River around 4:00 am
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YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: October

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Crittenden County

LOCATION DETAILS: 8th street landing behind the police shooting range. a boottom land behind the levee

NEAREST TOWN: West Memphis

NEAREST ROAD: 8th street

OBSERVED: The report, as written by the witness:


not sure if this report is worth anything but in the fall of 1983 me and may dad had made a hunting trip for turkey as we did every year. we got to the woods which border the mississippi river and parked it was bout 4.00am. we started toward the woods in pitch dark without flashlights
and as we got half way to the woods this god awful scream came out of no where. it was if what ever it was seemsd like it was just in front of us. my dad at the time was 68 yrs old and had been in the woods all of his life. he ha never shown fear in all of our years hunting but at that time he was visabally scared as i was. i wanted to turn and go back to the truck parked under a light next to the sun gas line terminal which was bout a 100 yard back. but then we heard the scream again. it seemed like a baby crying and woman screaming all together at the same time. well i could tell my dad wa scared and we made it tp the edge of the woods and we set tite till the sun came up. then we mooved down the woods for bout a 1/2 mile and heard the screams 3 more times it seemd like it was shadowing us down the bottom. well i saw my dad that day jump a 4 wire barbed wire fench and we got to the truck and we havent been back there since. which we always you to hunt turkey and run our beagles back there. cant say for sure what it was as we never saw any sign or tracks but my dad stated in all of his years in the woods he ha never heard such a sound. this happened in west memphis ark at the foot of 8th street landing"

ALSO NOTICED: it screamed at us til the last one was heard bout 6.30 and we got out and went to teh river bank to walk back to the truck

OTHER WITNESSES: me and my dad

OTHER STORIES: had heard rummors as a kid of some weird sighting
bout 5 miles down from this location

TIME AND CONDITIONS: pitch dark bout 4.00 am in the morning. chilly calm winds. a perfect hunting day

ENVIRONMENT: woods and swamp of river bottom

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