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Report # 33559  (Class B)
Submitted by witness No on Monday, February 20, 2012.
Memory told of strange incidents while alone at a family hunting camp near Cornell
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YEAR: 1982


MONTH: November

DATE: 15

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Delta County

LOCATION DETAILS: North from Escanaba on County Road 426 to around E Rd


NEAREST ROAD: County 426 E Rd.

OBSERVED: Reading another report of a Bigfoot sighting in Delta County, MI 1982 has prompted me to report the following.

My family has property in Delta County (near Cornell - UP Mich). One evening during hunting season (November 1982) I was at the camp alone. It was approximately 11:00 at night. We had no electricity and was playing solitaire with a kerosene lamp for light and a wood stove for heat. I was planning on spending night and getting to my hunting blind in the morning. A fairly loud "whack" startled me. Something had hit the window/screen behind me. I turned around and looked at window but I couldn't see anything. I walked to window and peered outside but it was dark and couldn't see anything. I figured it was just "the wind" or something so sat back down. A few minutes later it happened again. Another fairly good "whack" to the window. This startled me even more. I started to think possibly someone was playing a practical joke on me. The camp is approx 30-40 feet from any trees and no branches could be "brushing up against" the cabin. There is an apple orchard near it. Maybe 100 yards away. I shined a strong flashlight outside and couldn't see anything. After a couple of minutes I closed drapes as tight as I could and sat back at table with loaded rifle next to me.

A few minutes later I heard a large whack against the window and also multiple whacks and hits, dragging down the side of the camp! This flat out scared me and I grabbed my rifle and yelled as I walked out the door with flashlight in hand. I circled the camp a couple of times calling out. (saying things like "who's out here?!" If you are playing around you need to be careful because I will shoot your *$$!").

Well I was scared. I packed my things and locked up camp and left that night. The gate (about a 1/2 mile or so from camp) was still locked. (you needed a key to get onto property).

I don't have any idea what/who did that but a bigfoot sighting 1 month earlier/same year (nearby - within a mile) reported here on this site prompted me to post this report. Maybe relevant (maybe not).

Also - I think I will mention this...perhaps it has no relevance to Bigfoot. The same year out in my blind I heard a really strange sound. It sounded kind of like an elephant trumpeting. It was probably about 50 to 60 yards behind my hunting blind. I have never heard of a bigfoot making that kind of sound but that is as close as to the sound I would describe it. It didn't sound exactly like an elephant trumpeting but close. I heard it twice. Once close and then one more time further in the distance. Very weird but - that's what I heard and that's the best way I can describe it. Very loud.


OTHER STORIES: No. Never heard of any bigfoot reports at all in the U.P. (until recently...reading this sight/report etc). Never thought this incident (with camp and strange sound) could have even potentially been a bigfoot until recently considering it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approx 11 at night.
Clear and cold night. Not windy.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded. Apple orchard near by. Swampy area also on property.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rich Meyer:

I talked to the witness by phone as he now lives several states away. He has had a few, different experiences at this location. He still remembers the details like it was yesterday and conveys that in his voice as he tells of the experiences.

He would like to add that he remembers sitting in his hunting blind on several occasions hearing what he described as a "crack" or "pop" that seemed to move through the woods. At the time he just chalked it up to being wind noise from the trees, but after learning more about Bigfoots he believes it was either a single Bigfoot or small group moving through the area and locating each other. He said he would hear a single knock, then a bit later another single knock and so on until it was out of earshot.

He has invited me to go and check the area out with him the next time he is back in Michigan, which I gladly accepted.

The report he was referring to is Report #20202.

About BFRO Investigator Rich Meyer:

Avid outdoorsman, grew up in the woods all over Michigan.
Worked with a Hunting Guide service for many years as a guide, scout and tracker.
Attended the 2013 Michigan UP Expedition, 2014 Wisconsin Expedition and many private expeditions.
Co-organizer 2015, 2016 and 2018 BFRO Michigan U.P. Expedition and 2018 BFRO Northeast WI Expedition
Co Creator of the U.P. Bigfoot Conference est. 2016
Researched Bigfoot on his own before becoming a BFRO Investigator. Creator of the Upper Peninsula Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research Organization Facebook Page

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