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Report # 33137  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 7, 2012.
Husband and wife have bedtime visitors at their window near Emily
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YEAR: 1978


MONTH: September

DATE: September 1978

STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Crow Wing County

LOCATION DETAILS: We lived 5.1 miles East of Minnesota Highway 6

NEAREST TOWN: Emily, Minnesota

NEAREST ROAD: Crow Wing County 1 (Little Pine Rd)

OBSERVED: We lived on Little Pine Road, Emily, MN for twelve years and frequently heard odd animal sounds coming out of the woods. There was/is uninhabited wilderness for 20 miles North and 15 miles to the South.

Moments after I crawled into bed, my wife whispered to me, "Jim! There is something outside the window!" so I quietly got up and when I flipped the light switch to on, I saw three sets of eyes (each set of eyes was 5 to 8" apart) that were somewhat orange around the periphery and vague outlines of heads were pressed against the window screen. One of the critters appeared to be stooping to see into the top of the window, 6' above the ground. After a blood curdling bi-syllabic scream, the bi-pedal critters ran off.

ALSO NOTICED: We frequently heard animal sounds coming out of the woods that I used to describe as a 'baritone wolf howling backwards in German.' Unlike a wolf's howl that starts with a high pitch going low, these sounds started low and went high.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my wife and I and I had just turned off the bedroom light.

OTHER STORIES: None of the neighbors wanted to talk about their experiences.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 10:30 p.m., our normal bedtime.

ENVIRONMENT: Our bedroom window.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mary H:

I spoke with the witness by telephone on June 14. He was very matter of fact and said he is curious about Bigfoot. Years after his encounter, he was reading a book about Bigfoot and realized that his nighttime visitors were probably just that.

One evening in September 1978, the witness and his wife were retiring to bed. His wife was suddenly scared and told him there was something outside the window. When he turned on a light, the witness expected to see raccoons but instead he observed three unidentified creatures. One of the creatures was bending over as if trying too peer into the window, another one was standing straight, and the third creature was small. They appeared to be trying to look into the bedroom window which was 8 feet high at the top. When the light was turned on, there was a sort of trilling, tongue rolling noise and then they left, walking "bent forward". The witness said the figures were definitely bipedal but it was too dark to determine their color. When the witness checked the window screen, there was no damage to it. He did not look for tracks because the ground was too hard.

The area is heavily forested. The witness said there is a lake about 1/4 mile to the north of the house. The area is also close to the Duck Lake State Wildlife Management Area and is fairly close to the Hill River State Forest.

The witness said he also heard howls or screams 2 or 3 times during the period he lived at the residence. The vocalizations came from the other side of the lake to the north of his house.

I found this witness to be credible. He has lived in northern Minnesota since 1972. He has also spent 9 years working in the woods.

About BFRO Investigator Mary H:

Mary has always believed in the possibility of Sasquatch and became convinced while attending the 2013 Missouri Expedition. She applies her research training, critical thinking skills, and observational skills from her public health degree, technical writing career, and work as a psychiatric nurse. She also loves being outdoors and is an avid runner, hiker, and cyclist.

Mary attended the 2013 Missouri Expedition and the 2014 Iowa Expedition.

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