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Report # 325  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, September 19, 2000.
Early 70's, Sighting by a deer hunter, off of Highway # 2, in the San Grabriel Mountains
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YEAR: Early 70's


MONTH: October

DATE: Unknown

STATE: California

COUNTY: Los Angeles County

LOCATION DETAILS: Back in the Early 1970's, you could go up Highway #39, and where it intersected with Highway #2. You can then go west on highway #2, untill you get to Mt. Waterman. The Caynon's name is Cooper Caynon.

NEAREST TOWN: San Gabriel Mountains

NEAREST ROAD: Highway #2

OBSERVED: Dear Sirs:
This early 1970s sighting was not of my own. I was a boy when my brother-inlaw of that day and one or two of his hunting friends had an excellant and fairly long term sighting, both via their eyes and through high powered rifle scopes.

However I can relate some of this information to you and even put you in touch with two of the possible three people, can't guarantee they will talk with you about the sighting, but one never knows. In fact I spoke with my ex-brother in-law about this earlier this evening because I happened upon your website and explored it.

What is very significant is that Sam and Don had every opportunity to shoot this animal and/or person and thought about it, but could not because it looked to human!

Only THREE DAYS later Big Foot reports hit the news. My father and Sam AKA Sandy, in front of me took a forest map out and Sam became quiet as the new sightings were only 15 miles from his encounter, and in the direction the creature was traveling. The newer sightings as I recall put the creature near Pear Blossum, CA on the other side of the mountains. I remember a news report of 1000 people lined up across the desert looking for anything and they did find some hair on a barbwire fence. To this day I know of no one having reported this first encounter three days prior.

Another significant item is that in those days bear season and deer season overlaped or was one in the same. At first they thought this might be a deforemed bear (they had bear tags) as they witnessed this being walking on two legs just like any human and appeared to be 7 to 8 feet tall.

They were a few hundred yards away on the other side of the caynon, (don't remember the name of the caynon) but their rifle scopes allowed them to see this clearly enough that viewing the face and shape they could not decide if this was an animal or a human. I remember Sandy/Sam saying it looked like a monkey man. The animal/person seemingly did not know they were there. They had bear tags and thought about shooting the creature but as I said could not make themselves do it. I recall Sam telling my father that it had to be a bear because it dropped to all fours when it climbed the steeper terrain. My father asked Sam: How did you guys climb it? The reply was the same as the deformed bear.

About then my brother in-law was no longer jovial regarding the sighting and preffered not to discuss the incident. Until now I have more or less left the man alone about it. Today he is a Plant Manager for a large trailer company.

Don still lives in Baldwin Park, CA but maybe moving to San Diego, CA. I seldom cross paths with Don nor have I never pursued the matter with him. If you folks are interested I can put you in touch with both of them but you may have to settle for what I have related. Without the permission of at lest one of the actual witnesses it might not be right to post this information.

As for myself today I am 40 years old and drive for MTA and I am use to making out reports. I understand the need for accuracy without exaggeration. I hope this relayed information was not to long winded and useful.

Tim P.

Tim P. only heard this story 2nd hand as a youth.

OTHER WITNESSES: Primary witness: Sandy W. who was contacted by phone on the 17th of Oct. 2000.
Other primary witness: Don H.
Sandy W. who was primary witness #1, wants his contact information kept confidential.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear warm/hot weather, day afternoon. Steep mountain terrain.

ENVIRONMENT: Steep canyon with trees and manzanita brush, fading out to desert.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

Contacted Sandy W. on Oct. 17,2000. He was one of the Primary sighting witnesses. Sandy's report is a little different from Tim's recollections. Such as there were no scopes on the witnesses rifles, and neither one had any binoculars, also the creature was about 6 foot tall and about 700 yards away.
I asked Sandy W. the following Questions:
1. Where did this incident occur? "In the Cooper Canyon Area, North side of Highway # 2, down from Mount Waterman."
2. What date did this take place? "Early 70's."
3. What time of year was it? "Fall."
4. Do you remember the month? "October."
5. Was it day or night? "Day, Afternoon."
6. Describe the area in which this incident occurred. "Steep canyon with trees and manzanita brush, fading out to desert."
7. Where about in Los Angeles County, Ca. did this happen? "North side of Highway #2, between Mount Waterman and Winston Ridge."
8. Near what area? "Cooper Canyon area."
9. What distance would you estimate you were from this thing when you saw it? "About seven hundred yards across the canyon and down."
10. What was your first reaction? "Thought it was a person or a bear."
11. What was it doing? "I think it was looking at us, and it continued walking on two legs up the other side of the canyon."
12. Were you alone when you first saw this? "No! My hunting buddy was with me, and he observed the same thing."
13. What's is his/her name? "Don H."
14. Did it stand and walk on two legs? "Yes!"
15. Did you see it go down on all fours? "Yes! Maybe on all fours when it climbed up a steep place."
16. Was it covered in hair? "Couldn't tell."
17. What color was it? "It was brown all over."
18. What would you estimate its weight to have been? "Two to three hundred pounds."
19. How tall would you estimate this thing to have been? "At least six foot tall."
20. Did you see any facial features? "No!"
21. Could you describe them? "No! Head looked brown."
22. Could you describe the arms? "No! Too far."
23. Could you tell if it was a male or a female? "No!"
24. About for how long did you see it? "About five to six seconds."
25. Did it ever make any noise? "No!"
26. Did it see you? "Possible?"
27. Did you smell anything? "No!"
28. Did you check for footprints? "No!"
29. Did you report what you saw? (IE) Parents or any agency? "No!"
30. What was their response? N/A
31. In your own words describe what happened. "My friend and I seen it at the same time. When we first seen it, it might have been on all fours, because it stood-up and begin walking on two legs. We thought it might be a person, but Don said, "God that don't look like a person to me." I said, maybe its a bear, or something, but its walking too funny to be a bear. It just turned to its left, looking like it was slumped over, and it continued walked up the hill until it was out of sight."

Sandy W. seen something walking on two, legs that wasn't a person or a bear. I believe it could have been a Bigfoot creature.

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