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Report # 31121  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, November 20, 2011.
Resonant vocalizations and bipedal movement heard by hunter camped near Roscommon
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YEAR: 2011


MONTH: November

DATE: 14

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Roscommon County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was a narrow 2 track in the gells trail in the middle between old 76 and a parallel road.. just know how to get there... Sorry

NEAREST TOWN: Between St. Helen and Roscommon


OBSERVED: I was hunting in the gells trails , just north of lake st. Helen Michigan... Just finished eating .. it started to rain.. so I sat in my tent.. and all of a sudden I hear this kinda sounded like a woman screaming but extreamly loud.. followed by a couple of guttural made my body tingle.. and I dont tend to scare easy..when I yelled into that direction HEY!! ... It sounded like a person jogging kinda skipping back into the thick woods..never heard anything like it before and have hunted there for 6 years was so loud it kept echoing through the woods! Needless to say I slept in the truck that night .

OTHER WITNESSES: Was by myself

OTHER STORIES: No not in 6 years

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Aprox. 7:45pm it was very dark except for my campfire light...gusty strong winds.. light rain cloudy damp.

ENVIRONMENT: Thick woods all around with enough room on one side of the track for my truck trailer and tent

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman:

The witness, Mr. B, is 47 years old and has been an avid hunter since the age of 15. He had hunted the area near Old 76 and Lake St. Helen for six years prior to his experience the day before gun-deer season began in 2011. The area around Lake St. Helen where Mr. B's camp was located is heavily wooded and contains plentiful deer and an ample supply of fresh water from rivers and local lakes, including Houghton and Higgins Lakes which are only ten miles away.

Mr. B had just set up his camp for hunting the next morning when it began to rain. Noting that it was about 7:45 PM and pretty dark out he cleaned up his dinner and was contemplating what to do next when he heard a loud scream from the woods. It sounded like "...a woman starting to say the word 'you' but the scream turned into almost a roar-scream...that seemed to echo in the woods forever." Mr. B stated that the sound must have been able to be heard a mile away but that it came from only fifty yards distance in the darkness of the woods. There were a total of three screams and in between each was a series of 3-4 guttural grunts. It sounded as if it came from something "massive in size." The screaming and grunting lasted about twenty seconds and was in the following pattern: scream, long grunt, grunt and grunt--scream, long grunt, grunt and grunt--scream, long grunt, grunt and grunt.

At this point Mr. B yelled in the direction that the noises were coming from, "Hey, not funny!" thinking that someone was playing a practical joke on him. After a moment of silence straining to hear anything from the woods he picked up an axe and shovel and began banging them together. At this point it sounded as if something large and bi-pedal started running through the woods "like a man jogging...snapping twigs and moving branches." Mr. B grabbed his rifle and pistol and retreated to the safety of his truck.

Throughout the night he kept the headlights on, powered up a video recorder and attempted to scan the area around his truck. He spent a sleepless night in his truck looking from window to windshield. Later, the video proved to show only trees in the vehicle's headlights and nothing more.

In the morning he checked his campsite and the surrounding area and found nothing strange or out of place. He then packed up his camp and moved to the north end of Lake St. Helen where he stayed the rest of the week but had no further nighttime experiences.

A side note: Mr. B was "One of those guys who did not believe in 'that Bigfoot stuff' but is now leaning the other way."

About BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman:

Jim is a High School History teacher and Track and Cross Country coach. He attended the Michigan Northern Lower Peninsula Expedition in 2011, the Michigan Upper Peninsula Expedition in 2012, co-organized the Michigan UP 2013 Expedition and attended the 2014 Wisconsin Expedition. He assisted in the production of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot Michigan episodes (Bigfoot and Wolverines and Super Yooper). He participates in Ironman Triathlons and enjoys fishing and camping with his wife and daughter. Jim can be contacted at and Twitter @shermanbigfoot and his YouTube account is : Lordcryptid

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