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Report # 30548  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 4, 2011.
Two fisherman hear commotion of a roaring animal on brushy bank of Clendening Lake
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YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Summer



COUNTY: Harrison County


OBSERVED: I was 17 years old and fishing on a boat about 25 feet from shore. My father was with me and decided to take a nap on the deck of the boat. Suddenly I heard the sound of footsteps walking through water. It was a unique sound because it was a very distinct "caploosh Gloomp". "caploosh Gloomp." It sounded like when I have walked through knee deep water in the past. Then, I heard a roar like nothing I have ever heard before. It sounded angry and a bit like a lion. There was splashing and then the sound of a squealing animal in distress, followed by more splashing and more roaring.

Immediately, I started looking around in all directions but could not see anything. The sound was so vivid. I felt I was in danger and that whatever was harming this small animal was going to harm me and may even jump in the boat. Paralyzed with fear, I used the quiet electric trolling motor to get as far away from shore as I could with creating any disturbance.

I woke my dad up who was napping and he heard the tail end of the encounter and instructed me to immediately start the motor and get out of there.

We headed back to the marina and went inside to get a snack and drink. We had not known what we had encountered or if anyone would ever believe us. We were discussing the incident between us. Just then, a man behind the serving counter asked us what was wrong and could sense the fear in our faces.

We told him of our encounter and he did not seem to be surprised. He told us that a few years ago a news crew showed up at this lake to do a report on a "Bigfoot" sighting.

Until that time neither my dad or me suspected a Bigfoot, nor had we heard of anything like it. From that point on, I have been convinced that it might have been.

In my mind I ruled out a short or four legged animal because of the sound of the distinct footsteps in the water. The aggression of the splashing and roars could have only been made from a large animal.

One thing to note is that the woods and forest surrounding the lake are very, very dense and have often commented to my dad that it would be very difficult to get onto the shore.

I have told this story many times and have been ridiculed. I hope you will believe me.

ALSO NOTICED: The lake had many in and outs and there was not a long and clear stretch of shoreline that was visible in each direction


OTHER STORIES: Yes the man at the marina snack shop counter told us of other incidents.


ENVIRONMENT: Sun was setting and the woods touching the water were very thick.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator James Thompson:

I contacted Gus (the witness to the incident in 1979). He was very surprised to hear from me and even though he hasn't talked to an investigator since making the report in 2011. I found him to have an excellent recollection of the event.

Gus had accompanied his father on a fishing trip that day and ended up at Clendening Lake. Although he wasn't able to see anything due to the overgrowth of thick brush and briars, the sounds of what was happening resonated across the still waters.

What initially sounded like an animal in distress turned quickly to a predator chasing his prey into the water. Scared by the loud roaring howls, Gus decided to get away from there. He woke his father up and his father was able to hear some of the commotion as the boat was motoring away from the area.

Once back at the Marina and while grabbing something to eat at the diner, the waiter noticed their fearful looks and asked what was wrong. Gus was surprised at how the waiter shook it off, as if it was normal around there.

This area has a long history of Bigfoot sightings along with unknown sounds emanating from the shores, the hills and hollers around Clendening lake that continue to this day. The witness and his father will add another to the growing list of locals that are quite certain what is lurking in the surrounding area.


Matt Moneymaker's note: The Buckeye Trail runs along the south side of this lake. There are other reports within a short distance of Buckeye Trail.

About BFRO Investigator James Thompson:

Jim served as a Marine Corps helicopter engine mechanic / air crewman for 24 years. He recently retired as a County Veterans Service Officer. He is a lifetime hunter and outdoorsman. Jim has attended expeditions in Ohio during 2019, 21 & 22.

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