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Report # 30442  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, August 20, 2011.
Family has recurring encounters at home near Forsyth
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YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 11

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Taney County


NEAREST ROAD: hwy H & hwy 160

OBSERVED: My husband and I were woke around 12:30 am with some strange sounds coning through the baby moniter. The bed room the kids are in is right next to ours but we didnt hear anything from our room, it was only through the moniter that the sounds could be heard, at first. There was a squeaking that sounded like someone was messing with the window in the kids room. My husband went to the other room to turn the outside lights on, we have lights on every side of the house(installed after an attempted brake in) while I stayed in the kids room to see if I could see what was making the noise. I was standing beside the window peaking through the edge of the blinds when the lights came on. There was another noise, something hitting/ bumping the side of the house, the same side of the window I was standing on. Then there was a big shadow moving away from the house twoard the woods. The woods are only about 10 feet from that side of the house and this shadow moved very fast.
My husband returned and he looked out the window, saw nothing. We waited looking out the window for several minuets but were able to see nothing. My husband left to turn the lights out, when he returned we stayed in the kids room for a few more minuets then as we were getting ready to go back to bed we heard a very loud "whoop whoop" then again "whoop whoop" I said its an owl, even thouth I'd never heard an owl sound like that before my husband, who is former militatry and has been in combat, said if it was an owl then it had to be at least 8ft tall, then he told me he didn't know what it was but it there was no way it was an owl.

ALSO NOTICED: In July of 2010, our dog went missing for two days, this was very odd as our dog was fixed and never roamed, he always stayed home. Well on the 2ed afternoon I heard him yelping in the woods behind the house. So I went looking for my kids dog. I found him layed up in the bed of the spring unable to walk. He was trying to drag himself home using his front legs. Getting him home and then to the vet, we had to put him down. The dog was said to have had been beaten, the vet said his back was broken, both back legs were broken. The vet said the trama was equal to that as getting hit by a car. Yet, there are no roads or trails in the vally where the dog was found.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my husband and myself, we were wakened in the middle of the night

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 12:30am to 1:00am
it was very dark, overcast but not raining.

ENVIRONMENT: We are setting on a 10 acre wooded lot, the area between the house and the road is cleared, the rest is thick overgrown woods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator G.E. Stade:

I interviewed the Witness and her husband. Both impressed me as credible. The following information can be added to her report:

- During the summer of 2010 the Witness’ three year old son was playing in his bedroom. It was dark outside and the lights were on in the house. Her son “freaked out” screaming and crying, insisting that the blinds be drawn closed on every window. It was soon after that incident that the family dog was severely beaten and had to be put down. Both her sons still insist on keeping all window blinds drawn, especially at night.

- The Witness has a baby monitor in her sons’ bedroom to monitor them. The baby monitor is very sensitive to the proximity of people and tends to produce screeching sounds when anyone walks near it. She had the monitor hanging from a curtain rod in the boys’ bedroom so that it wouldn’t produce the screeching feedback type noises. On the night of the incident the baby monitor awakened the Witness and her husband by making its notorious screeching noises typically associated with the presence of a human body. That concerned the Witness and she became very vigilant to all sounds produced by the monitor. The Witness then heard squeaking noises through the monitor. The Witness described the sound as similar to when a person slides their face against a glass window. After hearing the noise three or four times the Witness and her husband realized that someone was outside the window in their children’s bedroom and responded.

- The Witness was in her children’s bedroom when her husband turned on the outside lights. She immediately heard a loud “thump” on the outside wall of the house by her children’s bedroom and observed the shadow of something large and tall running away from the house toward the nearby woods.

- The Witness and her husband have heard trees being snapped while outside at night. Upon investigation they found a 4 to 6 inch diameter healthy tree freshly snapped over at approximately 5 feet from the ground.

- On September 3, 2011, at dusk the Witness observed a bigfoot watching her as she smoked a cigarette on her porch. The Witness commented, “I was skeptical till now. Now I know! It was no deer.” The Witness initially felt like she was being watched and consequently focused her attention in the direction from which she felt observed. She saw a dark human form that would step out from behind a large tree into a slight clearing then slowly retreat back behind the tree. BFRO Investigator Ron Boles and I visited the Witness at her home and recreated the incident. The bigfoot’s location was identified to be within the mentioned clearing in dense woods approximately 90 feet downhill from the Witness' location at the time of the sighting. The bigfoot’s height was determined to be approximately 8.0 feet. The creature’s location proved to be the only line of sight from which to observe the Witness that evening from approximately 70 feet deep within very dense woods (the porch was another 20 feet from the wood line). The location was also immediately adjacent to a large diameter hardwood tree behind which the creature periodically retreated for cover. On the night of our investigation and in the general area of the Witness' house, Ron and I were successful in soliciting wood knocks in response to our mimicries of bigfoot vocalizations and our own wood knocking.

- On November 15, 2011, the Witness informed me that something large and very tall was heard attempting to manipulate a large heavy doghouse located on the Witness’ deck. The Witness was not utilizing the doghouse for a dog, but as a shelter for feeding her cats. Whatever had attempted to manipulate the doghouse did so from the ground, reaching over the deck railing which is 6 feet above the ground. The visitor possessed enough strength to move the heavy homemade doghouse and loudly impact the main house. No claw marks were found on the doghouse.

- Though this report involves visual observations of a probable bigfoot, it has been designated a Class B due to the diminished lighting during such observations.

- At the time of her report submission, the Witness wasn't aware of other bigfoot sightings in her area. However, BFRO Report #22600 occurred only a few hundred yards east of the Witness’ location and remains a location of continuing bigfoot activity. Report #22600 There is also a rich history of bigfoot activity in the area north of this report which is predominantly National Forest.

- This report location borders thousands of acres of National Forest to the north which is an ideal habitat for a large omnivore. This fact is bore out by the region's significance as having the highest density of black bear populations in Missouri. The nearby Swan Creek Watershed is one of many water systems running through this area that offers not only pristine water but abundant aquatic organisms as a food source. Deer and their sign are plentiful. There are deer trails running through this Witness' property including where she observed the bigfoot.

About BFRO Investigator G.E. Stade:

An experienced outdoorsman and naturalist. Mr. Stade attended the following BFRO Expeditions: 2008 & 2009 OK; 2008, 2009 & 2010 MO.

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