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Report # 3042  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 26, 2001.
Daylight sighting from interstate highway.
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YEAR: 1999


MONTH: October

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Caddo County

LOCATION DETAILS: contact me for further info

NEAREST TOWN: Hydro Oklahoma


OBSERVED: traveling east on hwy I-40 around the town of Hydro Oklahoma ,i was a passanger, i saw a large black form come out of a tree line and walk down to the stream squat and scoop water with his hand. you would have to understand the layout of this stream,in this part of Oklahoma the soil is red in color, my view was clear and unobstructed. The creature was very large and very black. The creatue I observed was not as ape like as seen on TV he was not short legged and big bellyed with dangle ape arms. He was very tall with a longer torso than an ape, the arm were longer than a mans and the body was covered with very thick and black-black hair, i was struck by the ease inwhich he strooled form the treeline the blackness of the creatue and his size. I don't even try to make anyone believe my story because I know what I saw! As does any one that has seen it! This not my first report but no one has ever contacted me.

ALSO NOTICED: the creature seemed very comfotable with his surrounding

OTHER STORIES: I do not live there , I was on a trip to a near by college.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early evening clear weather

ENVIRONMENT: treeline to creekbed

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness, K. L., and I spoke at length about her experience. She was sitting on the passenger side in a vehicle, returning home with friends after visiting her daughter in college, when she saw the bigfoot. One of the things that really made an impression on her was the color of the animal. It was said to have “black, black, black, shiny black” hair, which she described as being long and straight. The hair, estimated at eight inches in length on the arms, could be seen moving as the animal walked.

She was a little concerned regarding the fact that the hair color she observed was different from that of the brown-haired sasquatches so often portrayed on TV or seen on the Internet, including images based on the bigfoot filmed by Patterson and Gimlin in the 60’s. K. L. went on to say that the animal she saw did not look anything like an ape. When asked for clarification, she explained that many apes have round bodies, protruding stomachs, and short legs, whereas what she saw was very angular (“straight-sided”) and long legged. She also said the animal moved fast, with a lengthy bipedal stride and distinctly swinging arms, leaning forward slightly as it walked.

It approached a creek, squatted at the edge, and put a hand in the water, moving it back and forth. At that point she lost sight of the creature. The bigfoot was seemingly oblivious of being seen. K. L.'s observation lasted about five seconds. The distance to the animal was gauged as being between two to three football fields, but the viewing conditions were excellent and she insisted that there is no question in her mind as to what she saw.

The described location is very close to the South Canadian River, a river flowing out of the Rockies in New Mexico that crosses the width of the state.

I found the witness to be very credible. She offered to meet us at the location to point out the exact spot where the creature was seen, but she said she wouldn’t walk down there herself for a thousand dollars.

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