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Report # 3041  (Class A)
Submitted by witness C.K. on Sunday, August 26, 2001.
Children see a bigfoot while playing near home
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YEAR: 1983 or 84

SEASON: Summer


PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: approximately 4 miles before the left hand turnoff.On the left of the highway you will see partial remains of what once was our farm,now it is abandoned but the pond is still there.The nearest town on the map that you will find is Hazelton B.C.

NEAREST TOWN: Kitwanga indian reserve

NEAREST ROAD: the main highway that runs between kitwanga and kitwancool

OBSERVED: It was 1983 or 84 i believe, me and my brothers(one now past away)with 2 cousins were playing on my grandmothers farm.It was around dinner time and it was mid summer so pretty hot and lots of daylight out.We were playing keep away with a stick and our dogs.Suddenly our geese freaked out and came running up the path which led from our beaver pond near the smoke house.At the same time both of our dogs ran under the house(which was strange since they were both well know for chasing bears up trees).we were wondering what was happening when my brother said "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??" Thats when we all looked at the direction he was looking,and there just in the shadows of the bushes beside our smoke house was this thing,which i now blieve is bigfoot,standing there looking at us.It didnt make a sound or movement,it just stood there and watched us.My dad and gramma(now passed away)had now come on to the porch to see what was going on and my dad was shocked to see what we were looking at.We couldnt make out the facial features but our smoke house door was 6' tall and the creature was at least another foot or more taller and it was very wide broad dad told us to get inside.I asked what it was and my gramma said "oh its probably a big foot" and went inside without a second look??? I asked the nearby natives in the village and they have stories going back more than 80 years of sightings in the region.I am convinced i saw a sasquatch.I have written you before but i guess you never recieved it.I have never seen the creature again but i am convinced that he lives there to this day because now the farm is gone but the pond is there and the woods are untouched.I swear on my life and to god that my statement is true to the best of my recolection.

ALSO NOTICED: just before we saw it the geese freaked and my dogs ran under the house.....and i remeber that now come to think of it that i never felt scared i just felt a feeling that i was curious about him and he was curious about all the children laughing and playing.I think he was just having a look at what we were doing and then he went on his way.The ground was hard as hell so there was no footprints like i say it was a dry hot summer

OTHER WITNESSES: ther was me 2 brothers 2 cousins my dad and my gramndma we were playing keep away

OTHER STORIES: the local natives tell me stories and i have talked to a woman in Hazelton B.C. that swears to me that her niece was abducted by a bigfoot never to be seen again??I do not know how much truth there is to her story but she seems sincere?

TIME AND CONDITIONS: just before dinner around 4:30pm it was a bright sunny day very hot and i remember the creek beside the property had run dry thats whay the animals were spending more time at the pond

ENVIRONMENT: farm with a creek running on the side of the property surrounded by mountains and woods all the way around the neighbors for almost 5 miles pond at the back of the property with the woods mostly evergreen forest and about 1/4 mile into the woods there is a river backwash which we used to go play at as little kids.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness C.K. by telephone and he corrected his date of the sighting to 1983 and not 1984.

They were staying at his grandmother's home during the summer, it had no electricity or running water, and was surrounded by dense forest. The house is now unoccupied and the buildings are deteriorating after the passing of their grandmother.

The witness spotted a bigfoot in the treeline, behind a cottonwood tree and it watched as they played.

K.C. mentioned that the sighting lasted up to five minutes and estimated the height to be around seven feet tall. They were rushed inside the home by the father after one of the children ran inside to report the sasquatch in the trees.

After sometime the children were allowed back outside and the creature was gone.

No prints were found in area because of the hard clay soil.

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