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Report # 30258  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, July 31, 2011.
Nighttime road crossing observed by a father and daughter near Quantico Marine Corp Base
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YEAR: 2003


MONTH: September

DATE: 13

STATE: Virginia

COUNTY: Stafford County


NEAREST ROAD: Widewater Road

OBSERVED: In 2003 I was driving on Widewater Road in Stafford VA, just South of Quantico Marine Corp Base. I was going west from the Potomac River area. It was just after dusk and my 13 year old daughter and I were traveling at about 40 MPH. I came around a bend through a wooded area when my headlights caught an animal that was hairy, walked upright and stood about 8 feet or so tall.

The animal paused in the middle of the road and as we slowed down the animal turned its head to look in our direction, after a few seconds the animal turned and continued walking south into the woods. Neither my daughter nor I could specifically identify exactly what we saw but we know we did not see a bear.

ALSO NOTICED: The way it paused and look in our direction, it was very deliberate and appeared to "check us out" before moving on.

OTHER WITNESSES: my 13 year old daughter

OTHER STORIES: Yes, Prince William County and Quantico Marine Corp Base

TIME AND CONDITIONS: dusk, just getting dark enough to have head lights on

ENVIRONMENT: wooded area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.K.:

After a lengthy telephone conversation with the witness, and a separate conversation with his daughter, the following details may be added to his report:

-At the point of closest approach the creature was about 30 feet from the witness. When his daughter looked up to see why the car was slowing down, the creature was standing directly in front of the vehicle.

-In the headlights the creature appeared completely covered in dark brown, matted hair.

-The witness estimates its height was 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. His daughter believes it was shorter, between 6 and 7 feet.

-Both the witness and his daughter observed the creature walking on two legs during the entire encounter, at no time did it drop to all fours.

-When the creature paused in the road and turned toward the vehicle, the witness felt their eyes meet. In that look he registered a presence more substantial than just an animal, as he would expect from a bear or deer.

-To the observer, the creature seemed self aware, in control of its actions, and unruffled by the situation. The daughter believes it was trying to figure out if they were a threat to it.

-The creature did not flee from the encounter, but quickly and casually walked south into the tree line. It moved with purpose, as if it were "on a mission".

-The creature was described as bulky, large chested, muscular and with long legs. The arms appeared proportionate to the daughter, but the father can not recall as his focus was on the creature's head. Neither witness could describe specific details of the face, but are confident that it did not resemble a bear's face, nor was it obviously human. The daughter reports being so frightened during the event that she was unable to focus closely on the creatures face.

-The witness can not put a name to what he saw, but he knows it was definitely not a bear. He and his daughter have shared their encounter with friends and family over the years, and he believes they may have seen a sasquatch.

It is worth noting that a significant number of credible reports come from encounters in close proximity to large military bases. Often these areas are posts or bases with extensive and largely undeveloped training grounds. These regions are typically off limits to civilians, and military access is usually routine and concentrated in specific ranges. Where this occurs it creates an environment suitable to a small sasquatch population, where food, water, shelter, and relative seclusion may be found. Examples of reports close to, or on, military installations include: 2218, 25559, 4109, 5381, 5463, 17089, 4421, 5395, 4886, 11930, 28197, 18680, 679, 7211, 2816

About BFRO Investigator D.K.:

D.K. is a business executive with an MS in Systems Engineering. Formerly a linguistic analyst, he applies his knowledge to the collection and study of sasquatch vocals and communication patterns. BFRO expeditions attended: Tennessee 2010, Pennsylvania 2011, Ohio 2012, West Virginia 2012 & West Virginia 2013

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