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Report # 30159  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 25, 2011.
Recollection of a possible nighttime encounter on a four-wheeler near Sullivan
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YEAR: 1989

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

DATE: 18

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: Do not post this information. My parents have since sold a portion of this property and we do not want the new owners to be bothered.

NEAREST TOWN: Near Sullivan MO- past the state park, right by Pea Ridge Iron Ore


OBSERVED: It was winter of 1989. What I saw scared the **** out of me. Me, my sister and her friend found the keys to my brothers 4-wheeler and decided to sneak it out @ approx 10:30 pm on a snowy winter night. Nobody knew we were going to do this, so there is no way anyone could have been waiting for us in a costume or anything. Plus nobody knew I even knew how to operate a 4 wheeler (including myself). We headed out to the woods behind our parents house and half way down a steep hill the 4 wheeler took off flying and when I figured out what gear to put it in the 4 wheeler stopped and my sister and her friend jumped off. I recall smelling something "dead" then I heard something that sounded like Monkeys (yes multiple) fighting. When I looked towards the trees I see this huge monster walking out. This thing was at least 7.5 or 8 ft tall and standing straight up with huge long arms and legs. As it was walking towards us it made a deep growling angry noise. I took off on the 4- wheeler and my sister and her friend were running as fast as they could to catch up. I looked back a few times and recall thinking- this thing is walking but one of it's steps was equal to 20 of mine. We were in a panic we were all screaming and the louder our screams the deeper it's growl got. By the time my sisters friend had grabbed her arm and yanked her onto the 4 wheeler, it was within it's arms reach of us but never tried reaching out to hurt us. It was obvious he or she wanted us out of there. I was only about 13 at the time so I wasn't wise enough to call someone to come research it. I believe our parents just thought we were making it up. And of course, I was way to scared to go back and track foot prints or anything.

ALSO NOTICED: It smelled like a mixture of the zoo and something dead.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 others. One who refuses to share her experience. Before we "snuck out" they were watching t.v. It was a spur of the moment idea for us to sneak the 4 wheeler out.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, several. Four years later my boyfriend was leaving my parents house about 2am and saw the same creature crossing the road. It took him a few days to tell me because he was so shocked and afraid I wouldn't believe him. We are married now and talk about going back to that area to see what we can find. But we are both too chicken. We would love to join you if you come to this area- we can show you where and tell you what we saw. We have also spoken to other people who have seen "something" My husbands cousin had an encounter a month ago in the same state but a few counties away.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late around 10:30 pm. Very cold and snow on the ground. We have 40 wooded acres and a swampy pond and several creeks.

ENVIRONMENT: We had a swampy pond that my brother kept stocked with all sorts of fish. We also had a creek. And our property was across the street from Pea Ridge Iron Ore which had 4 huge holding lakes that were very swampy but stocked with fish.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Driscoll:

I spoke with the witness by phone and found her to be very credible. She was very sincere and still excited about her experience in 1989.
She verified the following:
- smelled an awful odor like something dead
- heard chattering like monkeys coming from the woods
- saw large "bipedal animal" come out of the woods, standing upright over 7.5ft to 8ft tall with long arms
- animal is growling walking toward the witness
- she is on the 4 wheeler vehicle and takes off leaving sister and friend at scene
- she returns, grabs sister and friend and takes off on the 4 wheeler with the "animal" walking after them
-animal is walking after them and gets within arms length of the witness quickly fleeing on 4 wheeler
-animal did not attempt to catch them, witness felt it was chasing them from the area

Questioning revealed the animal to be covered with long black hair and huge in body mass.
Witness further states sister will not talk about the incident to this day.....sister's friend not available for her statement.
Witness further indicates the monkey chattering sounded like there was more than one animal involved.
Witness' boyfriend, now husband, has had a sighting of the same type animal in the area. He will file a report of his experience.
Witness feels very relieved to speak with someone about the incident.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Driscoll:

Retired Police Officer, Latent Crime Scene Investigator
Attended 5 BFRO Expeditions: Missouri Exp 2009 and 2010; Tennessee Exp 2010 and 2011; Illinois Spring Exp 2011

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