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Report # 29358  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, June 5, 2011.
Brief daylight sighting within the city limits of Show Low
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YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 31

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Navajo County

LOCATION DETAILS: I know that bear cant run on 2 legs and this tree this thing was behind could not hide something going from 4 to 2. Dang it was gone like a ninja.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 260

OBSERVED: I was walking my dog and I went to the end of Mcneil road here in Show Low AZ. I went down into a ravine thaen back up to the main mesa behind the city park. I came around a bend on a trail and Billy growled and pulled to the left. I saw some motion out of the edge of my eye. I saw something tanny colored with a red tint. For all of 2 seconds I thought it was an elk or dear. I have came up on them before and they aren't as quiet as people think. It left way too quiet. I was very freaked out

OTHER STORIES: Oh yes. Alot of Apaches very close by have seen odd things.


ENVIRONMENT: A mesa covered with thick pine and low oaks. It is strange in that is right on edge of town.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sandra M.:

I met the witness on site July 25, 2011, at the same time of day as his sighting.

View of the trail and general area:

The evening of the sighting, the witness was walking his dog when the dog made a strange growl. He had never heard him do this before. When he turned to the left, he saw a head peak out from behind a pine tree. The animal pulled its head behind the tree again, waited a few seconds, then walked away to the west, or left of the witness. His view was of the left side of the animal.

View from the trail. Arrow points to a pine tree the animal was behind (larger pine behind smaller pine and forked juniper).

He knew it was not a bear, deer or elk as it walked away on two legs. He added the following details during the interview:

It was covered in long, dirty and somewhat matted hair like the color of an elk in summer. The legs were thick and he saw muscles moving in the left buttock as it walked away. The arms were heavy and human like. The biped walked with a heavy foot but was very quiet. The incident lasted about 30 seconds and he saw the animal for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. As he mentions in the above report, the sighting upset the witness very much and he stopped his daily walk with the dog for more than a week.

View of direction the animal walked:

We walked to the tree the animal was behind to compare the witnessí height to the animalís. He estimated the animal was 6 to 7 feet tall.

Large pine tree the animal was behind: (Note roof line of a house in the distance, just to the right of the large tree.)

This area is very close to houses and a major road. However, there is a golf course nearby and its southern boundary is forest, then National Forest and the Mogollon Rim. Part of its north boundary has easy access to Fools Hollow Lake.

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