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Report # 29018  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 24, 2011.
Woman recounts possible early evening sighting near Saybrook
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YEAR: 2007


MONTH: September

DATE: 22


COUNTY: Ashtabula County

NEAREST TOWN: saybrook

NEAREST ROAD: munson hill road

OBSERVED: I was driving home with my oldest son from grocery shopping. As we were approaching our house down the street , something crossed the roadway about 30 feet in front of us it had dark fur I would say it only took 3 steps to cross the 2 lane road, it walked on 2 legs and had considerably long arms, I was set back for a moment we do have bears up by us but this distinctly was walking on 2 long legs, definetly taller than my suv. This was seen at dusk our road is about2 miles long fairly secluded farms heavily wooded areas various ponds/streams. It entered into the wooded area that runs between me and neighbors. as I pulled into my driveway aboout 200 feet back from road as we got out of the car their was an awful dead animal smell like rotted skunk and we heard breaking twigsand a sound like "woot woot" got spooked went into house. Went outside an hour later to get last grocery bag I forgot smell was completely gone. I never told anybody except my husband, I didnt want people to think I was crazy, i am a mother of 5 beautiful children and this was an experience I will not forget.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: dusk fog over ponds warm night

ENVIRONMENT: wooded/road/houses

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

I spoke with the witness in a telephone interview and the following information can be included. The witness had almost reached her residence when the sighting occurred. She estimated that the distance between her and the creature was four car lengths. The creature did not turn to look in her direction. It continued walking into the woods. According to the witness, arms and legs were clearly visible. "It covered the road in just three strides and long arms were clearly noticeable" said the witness. She also added, "It was not a bear." "I have seen bears and this was definitely not a bear." Additionally, she recalled that the fur was long and dark brown in color. The witness also told me that when she got out of her vehicle, she could hear something large moving in the woods and could also hear branches breaking but nothing was visible. According to the witness, the odor was immediately noticeable. Gathering up the groceries was when she heard the high pitched "woot" sound. At this point, the witness felt it would be best to go in the house. She also confided in me that she was very nervous when she went back out to get the last bag of groceries as it was dark and the house only has one outside light.

I asked the witness if after her encounter, were there any other unusual sounds or activity detected around her home. She replied no, but five days after her sighting she was outside and smelled the same pungent odor she smelled from the day of her sighting. She claimed she couldn't see or hear anything but the odor was strong and it was unusually quiet. During our conversation, I commented on her attention to detail and she replied that she keeps a journal and recorded everything she could remember about her sighting. This is the first time she has discussed her sighting with anyone except her husband. She is concerned that people will think she is crazy and doesn't want to frighten her children or subject them to ridicule. To date, the witness hasn't noticed any additional activity, but she remains vigilant and agreed to contact me should any activity return.

About BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

Brad is a native Texan from McKinney. He grew up working with all forms of livestock and spent countless hours in the outdoors and this is where his interest in this subject began. Employment opportunities took him to Ohio where he actively investigated this subject in and around surrounding states. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M Commerce and a Associate of Science from Grayson College. Brad has also been a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor for over 20 years. He attended the Pennsylvania 2009, 2011 and Tennessee 2010 expeditions. He has also Attended Texas 2012, 2014 and Kentucky 2013 as well as numerous private expeditions. He currently resides in a rural area northeast of McKinney, Texas.

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