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Report # 28897  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.
Memory told of a possible daylight sighting while playing in the woods in Eben Junction
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YEAR: 1944

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Alger County


OBSERVED: The age here is 75 but I remember my first encounter vary well. It was in the summer of 1944, I was 9yrs old. It occurred in Alger co. Mich. near a post office called Eben Jct. It was at my grandfathers farm which was on the edge of The Hiawatha Natl.Forrest.

My mother and Aunt were pulling Rhubarb from a patch next to the woods. My male cousin and I ran off in the woods to play a favorite game-This is the kicker--We would take small dead second growth trees and whack them against live bigger trees trying to hit each other with pieces that flew off. After doing this for some time we stopped and looked around for some reason.The opposite side of the wood lot was not vary far away and the sun was bright. What we saw was a huge man standing broad side to us looking at us. He was huge and as we looked he turned and walked away. We flew out of the woods and told our mothers but they just said it was the neighbor man. Well it was not a man. We never went into that section of woods again. Did our knocking on trees draw him in?.I duno-

OTHER WITNESSES: My cousin now deceased

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis:

The witness and I spoke, currently living in Wyoming. The last time he visited Michigan the old farmhouse where this occurred was no longer there. Many years have passed so no additional detail, but he still remembers the "scare" very well.

This is a rural community that was, and still is, primarily family farms. On the edge of the Hiawatha National Forest, the area is well known for its many creeks, trails, wildlife and waterfalls.

About BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis:

  • Worked as an Assistant to a Circuit Court Judge in Florida for thirteen years
  • An avid outdoorswoman, growing up in the UP of Michigan on a family-owned fishing and hunting resort
  • Certified Visual Tracker, Level 1
  • Attended and assisted with numerous public and private BFRO expeditions
  • She and the Florida BFRO organized South Florida Expedition 2008, North Florida Expedition 2008 and Central Florida Expedition in 2009.
  • She and the Michigan BFRO organized the Lower-Michigan Expedition in 2011, Michigan UP Expeditions in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and Wisconsin 2018
  • BFRO Secretary for almost 20 years

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