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Report # 28689  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 7, 2011.
Memory of a daylight sighting as a passenger on Old Hwy. 94 east of Jefferson City
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Callaway County


NEAREST TOWN: Jefferson city

NEAREST ROAD: old highway 94

OBSERVED: My ex girlfriend and I were bored one day so we went for a leisure drive (she was driving) down old highway 94 in Callaway county Missouri.

We were 2ish miles down the road when I see a huge brown object 20ish feet off the side of the road in the yard of a house that no one lived in.

I see a humanoid creature on it's hands and knees in front of a big round hay bale.
left arm straight down, right arm extended picking up something off the ground. Right knee straight down, left leg extended as if to counterbalance itself.

I saw it so clearly that I seen the expression on its face(soft looking, lighter brown hair on the face with a black nose)from a profile angle. It was totally engrossed in what it was picking up off the ground.

From the extended arm I saw long darker brown hair maybe 12 inches long blowing in the wind.
The hair was not matted and seemed to be clean and shiny.
I quickly surveyed the surroundings to get a idea of the size of this thing. it's extended arm stretched maybe 2 feet in front of the hay bale, the extended leg probably 3 and a half feet the other way. It's back was flush with the top of the hay bale.
I was unable to speak for a couple of seconds.
When I regained control of my vocal cords I told my girlfriend about what I saw. She looks in the rear view mirror and seen the creature by the hay bale then exclaimed she was turning around! Some cuss words followed with the threat to throw her out of the car if she stopped.
The creature didn't even seem to notice us or care about anything but what ever it was doing. we was in a small car (94 Mazda 323)and who knows what would have happened if we startled the thing and it came after us.

OTHER WITNESSES: My girlfriend,She was driving.

OTHER STORIES: Lots of stories about a bigfoot in the area dating back to the 60's

TIME AND CONDITIONS: summer day.. around 11a.m.

ENVIRONMENT: bright sunny, mild wind

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator G.E. Stade:

Witness had a visual sighting of a bigfoot while riding as a passenger in his girlfriend’s car on a clear, sunny summer day in 1999. The former girlfriend was not available for interview. The couple were driving eastbound on old Hwy 94, about 2.5 miles east of the Jefferson City Memorial Airport when the witness spotted the animal along the north/left side of the road, approximately 20 feet from the road on a plot of land that contains the foundation remains of a former residence. Directly behind the animal was a round bale of hay which the witness utilized for size reference. The sighting lasted only seconds. The animal was on its hands and knees, with its right arm lifted and extended forward and its left leg lifted and stretched back. It didn’t move during the sighting except for its right hand which it appeared to be using to manipulate some object on the ground in front of it, as if it was exercising extreme care while picking something up. The animal was concentrating and its attention was completely consumed with whatever task it was engaged in, though the witness couldn’t tell what exactly it was doing. The animal’s back was nearly flush with the top of the round bale. Round hay bales vary in dimension but their diameters are typically between 5 to 7 ft.

The animal’s features reminded the witness of a combination between the bigfoot depicted in the movie “Harry and the Hendersons” and that from the Jack Links commercials. It had short beige colored facial hair. It had squinting dark eyes with a furrowed brow as it was intent on its task at hand. The nose looked flatter than a typical human nose. The body hair was loosely curly, clean and shiny; darker brown in color. Its hair had darker roots and lighter brown ends and looked like it was just combed, not matted. The hair on the side of the hips and buttocks held tighter curls and was described as a bit spiral. Witness re-emphasized several times during the interview that the hair was “so shiny” and “shinier than what you’d expect.” The hair on its arms was straighter and hung down, blowing in the wind. The skin was dark in color. No neck was observed, just massive shoulders and then the head directly on top of the shoulders. The head was rounded like a humans without any prominent ridge. No ears were noticed. Once past, the witness exclaimed to his girlfriend, “I just seen a bigfoot! Did you see that?” She wanted to turn the car around to better see it. The witness was fearful and insisted that she should not do that. The sighting area consists of river bottom farm fields punctuated by tree-lined creeks. Its bordered on the east by tall forested bluffs. The Missouri River is no more than a mile distance to the west.

The witness also recalled a strange experience in 2006 while fishing from a boat on the Missouri River not far from the location of his 1999 sighting. At approximately 3 a.m. the witness started hearing grunting, snorting along the river bank. He could hear a large animal pacing back and forth crashing through brush and snapping sticks as though it was displeased by the witness' presence on the river. The witness said that the presence of bigfoot in the area was common knowledge among many inhabitants of Cedar City, a nearby town. Some of his relatives have had their own sightings, including his mother, aunt and grandmother in the early 1970's. The witness was sincere and credible in his account. I’ve since been in contact with the witness' mother. I hope to publish her report and interview her as a separate sighting. The Missouri River corridor in this central part of the state has a history of producing bigfoot sightings and contains prime habitat as would be required to support an established bigfoot population.

About BFRO Investigator G.E. Stade:

An experienced outdoorsman and naturalist. Mr. Stade attended the following BFRO Expeditions: 2008 & 2009 OK; 2008, 2009 & 2010 MO.

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