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Report # 28642  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, December 21, 2010.
Daylight sighting by father and son from a campsite north of Mogollon Rim
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 05/29/2010

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Coconino County

NEAREST TOWN: Forest Lakes, AZ


OBSERVED: It was 6PM and I was supposed to meet my wife at FR 115 (**** mts away) at ****. My son and I were just getting ready to leave the campsite. As soon as I stood up from my chair, I saw what looked like a VERY large man in a ghillie suit walk across the opening in the trees to my left. I had a clear sight and it was VERY large. I could see the arms swaying, and my son was able to see the legs separate as it stepped. It didn't seem to be in any rush, and seemed to be walking rather casually (kinda slow) but it covered a lot of ground in very few steps. As I said, I could see both arms swaying, and it was not carrying a rifle or anything else that I could see. Hunting season had been over for at least a week, and the next one wouldn't start up for months. At this time, there was almost nobody out here, and nobody knew where we were. I had my son stand where it had walked, and the top of his head would have been where it's shoulders where. My son is 6 ft tall. If it had been a man in a ghillie suit, the guy would have been at least 7 1/2 feet tall.

ALSO NOTICED: It was quiet, there was no smell that I can remember.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, my son was present and saw it from a different angle. We were both sitting at the campfire.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. We have had things thrown at us before, and after at this same location. We have also had eyeshine near the fire, as well as howls and tree knocks.

Prior to sunset. It was still very light.

ENVIRONMENT: We were in the forest, it was chilly, but not cold.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sandra M.:

The specific location is being withheld by request.

I interviewed the witness and his son at the sighting location in July 2010, at which time they both reenacted their experiences from May. During the interview, the witnesses believed there may have been two bi-pedal animals traversing through the forest at a perpendicular line to the forest service road. Through an opening in the trees, the father saw a bi-pedal animal walking. He immediately pointed and spoke to his son. When the son stood up, turned around and looked through the same opening, he also saw a bi-ped. Per their description, there was absolutely no way the first animal could have turned around, walked back toward the road, then turned around and walked past the opening again in time for the son’s sighting. According to the comparisons, one animal was a lighter color than the other.

The following additional information was obtained from the interviews:

• Hair color of the first animal was dark brown with lighter brown patches and possibly six inches long—which is why the witness initially described it as looking like someone wearing a ghillie suit. He could clearly see hair hanging down. The second animal was very dark, mostly black according to the son.
• The animal was leaning slightly forward while walking, and moving “like it had a purpose”.
• The witness did not notice a neck; the chest was very thick. His view was of the side of the bi-ped.
• The animal was very large. After the sighting and their investigation of the area, the witness’ son stood at the opening in the trees for comparison. According to the witness, his son’s 6 foot, 170 pound body filled approximately 1/3 of the viewing area. The animal had almost entirely filled the viewing area.

I found the witness and his son to be very credible. The father is an admitted skeptic on this subject. After the sighting, he and his son immediately searched the area to find who/what had just walked past their camp site. There were no other campers or vehicles in the area.

During their camp out at the same location in July, the father observed eye reflection almost 8 feet off the ground. The eyes appeared on the opposite side of his camp fire, behind a large pine tree only 20 feet from the witness. His son was standing between the camp fire and the tree, with his back to the tree/eye reflection. The witness added that as soon as he mentioned the eyes to his son and his son turned around to look, the eye reflection immediately disappeared. They then heard “something crash through the trees very loudly”.

These witnesses, others and I have heard numerous knocks and vocalizations in this area.

The pine forest of the rugged Mogollon Rim has abundant water, elk and other food sources, and thus provides a viable habitat for sasquatches.

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