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Report # 28526  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 19, 2010.
Encounter by a squad on maneuvers while training at Fort Stewart
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Liberty County

LOCATION DETAILS: we were just south of the di-ped

NEAREST TOWN: ft stewart


OBSERVED: I was in military stationed Ft. Stewart Ga
we were conducting wargames my squad was moving through the woods when we started to hear a very low growl then a hi pitched scream as soon as we came out of the woodline to the south of my squad we saw what we thought was an an opposing force we were about 250 feet from the animal so be again to close in on it we called out twice to it and again we heard the growl it then stood up and we realized that it wasn't human it was between 7 and 8 foot tall and realizing that we were in danger we began to back away at this point it began throw rocks toward us and then took off there was about 300ft between it and the wood line and it took it about 20 seconds to make the distance the rest of the night we heard strange sounds from the woodline from what thought was multiple creatures

ALSO NOTICED: very loud growl and scream unlike any animal i have ever heard before or since

OTHER WITNESSES: 9 people witnessed


TIME AND CONDITIONS: dusk very sunny no clouds

ENVIRONMENT: swamp on the edge of a plain

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ken Johnson:

The witness to this encounter now lives in another state, but spoke in great detail as he described the encounter he had while training in the military at Fort Stewart. I can add the following details to his report after talking to him:

The being had long, reddish-colored hair that appeared around four inches long, and matted. It moved on two legs, and had arms that were longer than a man's, that came about to the animal's knees. It moved off in a slow jog, taking what the witness described as "twice the normal step a man would take" as it headed for the treeline.

The animal emitted what the witness described as "a low, feel-it type of growl", which lasted close to thirty seconds.

The witness reported that he believed the animal's height to be between seven to eight feet tall, when he compared it at the time to nearby trees.

Additionally, the witness stated that back at camp that night he kept hearing activity coming from the woods that surrounded the camp. He heard sticks breaking, wood-on-wood sounds, something splashing in water, and what sounded like footsteps coming from the woods--first on one side of the camp, then the other. The noises lasted for four to five hours.

The witness told me that when he considers what it was he believes he saw, he could not see a man being that tall or moving that quickly, and that the only thing he could think of that it could be, was a bigfoot.

About BFRO Investigator Ken Johnson:

Ken Johnson works as production team leader at a manufacturing facility near Cairo, Ga, where he has spent much time camping and hunting in the woods of southwest Georgia. Ken has a BS in Criminal Justice from Georgia Southern University and has been interested in bigfoot since an early age.

Ken has participated in the following BFRO Expeditions: North Florida 2008, Central Florida 2009, Central Georgia 2009, co-organizer of North Florida 2011, attended North Florida 2012 and North Florida 2014, plus numerous private BFRO expeditions and outings. Ken has also been trained as a Visual Tracker-Level 1.

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