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Report # 27495  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.
Afternoon sighting by a commuter south of Show Low
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 24th

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Navajo County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approximately mile marker 330 on the west side of US 60. About 30 yards off the road.



OBSERVED: I was driving towards Show Low on US 60 about 2:00 in the afternoon on March 24th, 2010. I always look out into the trees in hopes of seeing deer and turkeys, but this time I saw something a bit more out of the ordinary. I saw a very large and tall animal which was about the same redish brown color as a Herford cow, standing about halfway behind a large pine tree. Its arm was very long and it was probably 7ft or more in height. I hit the brakes and slowed way down to get a better look and when doing so, it rotated to make itself more hidden from view. It was too large for the tree it was behind, and now it was visible on both sides of the tree. It definately saw me. I couldn't see its eyes, but it kept its head visible to look at me. Cars were coming so I had to move on.

ALSO NOTICED: It saw me looking at it and it rotated to make itself more hidden behind the tree.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me, my wife was asleep

OTHER STORIES: Not until looking it up on the net after the sighting.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 2:00 in the afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest with trees 15 to 20 feet apart. all larger trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sandra M.:

I was able to speak by phone with the witness four days after the sighting. The following details may be added:

• The witness is a hunter who is very familiar with local wildlife. He has driven this route at least once a month for the last 14 years.

• The sighting area was just south of the burn zone of the Rodeo-Chediski Fire of 2002. The witness was headed north and the bi-ped was on his side of the vehicle—or west side of the highway. The terrain was relatively flat from the road to the animal.

• The witness saw the bi-pedal animal standing behind about a 2' wide pine tree. He hit the brakes and was then about perpendicular to the animal. It appeared to be looking at him and turned to be more behind the tree, but it was too large to be hidden by the tree. He could still see its right side and left shoulder.

• The witness described the animal as having:
1) a “human-like shape”
2) broad shoulders with muscular, big and bulky arms
3) arms which hung down far below the waist and “did not hang straight as ours do but more like a gorilla’s”
4) no visible neck. The wide head was just a “bump on its shoulders”
5) dark red hair, two to three inches long. The color of the hair was something very different than what he normally sees in the forest. He compared the color to Hereford cattle except darker red. The hair seemed to be “ratty with licked spots”.

• At this point, the bi-ped stuck its head out from behind the tree and looked toward the witness again. He saw the face, but no details of the face, only hair.

• There is a barbed wire fence along the highway and the bi-ped was standing approximately 10 to 15 yards past the fence line—putting the animal about 30 yards off the highway. He estimated the 7’ plus height of the animal based on the fence height—which comes up to the bottom of his ribs. The witness is 5’7”. In his opinion, the animal could place a hand on the fence and step over.

• The detailed sighting lasted at least 30 seconds before the witness had to move on.

• When he returned three hours later, the witness stopped but was wearing a suit and did not want to risk tearing it climbing through the fence. There was no snow on the ground at this location to easily see tracks from the fence line.

Before this occurrence, the witness believed that in the vast forests of Arizona, the USA and the world, there are probably unknown species of animals unconfirmed by the scientific community. Now he is certain.

About BFRO Investigator Sandra M.:

Sandra is originally from rural Oklahoma and has resided in Arizona since 1991. She enjoys solo camping and hiking in very remote areas.
Starting in 2008, Sandra co-organized or organized several Arizona Expeditions, as well as a New Mexico Expedition and several private expeditions.
She also attended 2011 Oklahoma, 2016 Colorado and 2023 New Mexico Expeditions.

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