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Report # 27237  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 30, 2010.
Woman recalls seeing huge bigfoot creature from a boat on Lake Livingston
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YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 5/15/1990

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: San Jacinto County

LOCATION DETAILS: Drifting on the lake.



OBSERVED: The six of us, my boyfriend, my children, another couple and me, stopped at a boat rental tourist trap on Lake Livingston. The guys we were with went in and rented two boats for a couple of hours while we waited outside.While on the lake I felt like someone was watching me, I quickly turned around to look into the eyes of a large black hairy creature approximately 8 or 9 feet tall that was standing at the edge of the lake right next to the waters edge looking right back at me. Although I was staring right at the creatures face I could barely see its' eyes due to the extreme amount of hair. Its body was huge and block like. For a few brief seconds we stared at each other then suddenly the creatures turned to its right and took one step and went crashing through the trees which shook even the very tallest trees and sent the birds panicking into flight. Being stunned as to what I saw I hesitated to tell the others what I had seen. But I did tell the others and asked them to take me to where I had seen the ape like creature and let me out to see if I could see any footprints. They too had heard the creature crashing through the trees and believed that I had seen something and wouldn't let me get out and search for evidence.

ALSO NOTICED: I have previously known the site for explicit encounters.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was with my boyfriend and another couple with my two children. Although they did not see it they heard it.

OTHER STORIES: Not specifically on the lake, but I heard there were many encounters on the trinity river which empties into the lake.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1:00 Sunny, Clear, Bright but not blinding.

ENVIRONMENT: Lake, surrounded by dense forest and swamp. Mossy outer rim with falling trees. Notably dim interior of trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Clay Smith:

The witness with her relatives and friends decided to rent boats and go riding on Lake Livingston. It was a sunny day and around noontime, they took off and went down the shoreline of the lake.

As they pulled into a channel of the lake, the witness felt that something was watching her from the shore. She turned and saw this huge 8-9 foot tall black bigfoot creature staring at her. The sighting lasted only about five seconds.

She noticed that it was very tall and massive in size describing it "block" like; huge upper body. She saw eyes that appeared to be small, but they were some distance from the shoreline. She could not make out any visible facial features, and there was no visible neck. She could see the arms partially and not the legs due to the brush and foliage in the area.

The creature then turned to the side and with one huge stride disappeared into the trees. As it left, the witness could hear branches being broken, seeing small trees being shaken and the tops of larger trees swaying like they were being shaken. Quite a few birds came flying out of the immediate area due to this activity. The creature made no vocalizations.

The witness was quite taken back, but not frightened. She wanted to look for evidence, but her family and friends would not go.

She now lives out of state, but remembers the details quite vividly and liked having the encounter.

About BFRO Investigator Clay Smith:

Background in armed services-U.S. Air Force and Law Enforcement

Life time Hunting and Outdoors experience

Clay is a Process Operator at E.I. Dupont

BFRO Expeditions in 2008: Texas, Florida
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