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Report # 2657  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, June 7, 2001.
A tree stump moves closer to a group of young boys
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YEAR: 1978-70

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Flagler County

LOCATION DETAILS: 20 miles north of Daytona Beach on the east coast of Florida

NEAREST TOWN: Flagler Beach


OBSERVED: Unfortunately, my sighting is not recent at all. It happened in the late 70's in a town called Flagler Beach on the east coast of Florida. At that time the area was still very rural and undeveloped. Myself and a group of other kids, I think a total of 8,were down a deseted open flat, a small peninsula,primarily used for nesting birds. This is late morning under a clear sky in August I should add. We were near one of the banks when I "felt" something. I look across the water to a hill (approx 200 yds away) covered with course brown grass with a tree stump at the top. Seeing nothing else I went on with whatever we were doing but it occured to me that the "tree stump" was very much out of place on that hill. I look again and "it" has moved downhill closer to us. Realizing it was much taller and moving I pointed it out to the others, turned to see if they looked, when suddenly everyone bolted. Since the older brothers ran I too took off. About a mile later I finally asked why they ran and they said it moved it's head. To this day I still regret leaving. What description I can give is this: "it" was tall, 7 ft maybe. It appeared to covered in long brownish/grey fur and it did indeed stand upright. I call it a bigfoot because I am certain of what it WASN'T. Definitely not a bear and the liklihood of it being a human in a costume is extremely remote. My arguement there is one, Fla in August can be brutal even to the locals, damn near suicide to put on a heavy costume out in the sun. Two, the location. With the exception of the hill all else around was marshland, not very easy to get to. I know because I tried to at another time. Also as I stated it was very remote so the liklihood of a hoax at that time and place just doesn't add up.
I cannot give more details of the bigfoot but I can say for myself that I didn't perceive any danger from it. More of a curiosity. As I stated I ran because the older brothers' did, it was their fear that had me running and to my regret that they did. But I will never forget that day, even now I still can see it all very clearly.

ALSO NOTICED: I always know when I am being watched. I knew it then otherwise it probably would not have been noticed---it was indeed "animal"

OTHER WITNESSES: I believe 8 total. We were trying to move a big slate of wood into the water

OTHER STORIES: Only vague rumours but I might have another incident to report that I witnessed but that depends on if I get a response to this

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Broad daylight. Clear skies.

ENVIRONMENT: Marshy area. The IntraCoastal Waterway seperates Flagler from the mainland of Fla. The sighting occured on the eastside not on the mainland. Very remote.

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness was contacted and stated the following:
(1) Creature could not have been a bear due to the humanoid shape of its body and head.
(2) Witness did not actually see it walk; however, did notice that it had moved closer.
(3) Witness did not smell or hear anything unusual.
(4) Witness emphasizes feeling of being watched.
(5) Other witnesses are either unreachable, have no recollection, or are not willing to talk.
(6) Witness had another "encounter"(albeit vague) 2 miles south of this one. I will ask him to fill another report.

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