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Report # 2549  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 19, 2001.
Hairy humanoid biped seen diving into the Great Pee Dee River
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YEAR: ?84-86?

SEASON: Summer

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Darlington County

LOCATION DETAILS: ne south carolina betwwen darlington and dillon on the great pee dee river about 1 mile up river from the cashua ferry boat landing

NEAREST TOWN: darlington sc

NEAREST ROAD: sc hwy 34

OBSERVED: hello my name is xxxxxx born xxxxxx i live in darlington sc in a community near the great pee dee river called mechanicsville i dont remember the exact year but between 1984-1986 me and my father were on a boat cruising very slow in the middle of the river the river was about 80-100 feet wide now let me say what i saw i dont believe to be bigfoot but i am sure it is an unknown animal it was littler than i have heard bigfoot being but it was the size of a big man i we were going up river and i looked to the left and i saw him now this all happened in about 3 seconds he was crouched down still on his feet with knees bent like he was doing something between his legs on the ground he saw me when i saw him i looked into his face from about 40 feet he had long reddish brown hair all over but around his face was a lot lighter he dove into the water extending his arms just like a diverand he was gone we went to where he was and all there was were smears in the clay i really wish we would have looked more my dad saw him as he was going into the water this is the truth have anyone heard anything like this

OTHER WITNESSES: my father was driving boat i was just looking when i saw him

OTHER STORIES: have heard of people see something they call a skunkape but i dont believe most

TIME AND CONDITIONS: sunny about 1 pm muddy water river very isolated

ENVIRONMENT: large swamps on both sides of river very isolated

A & G References: SC A&G Delorme pg. 30 grid H4

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke with witness and he states the following:
(1) Sighting took place in Great Pee Dee Heritage Preserve.
(2) Creature was less than 100 ft away.
(3) Its face had a lighter color compared to the rest of its body.
(4) No unusual sounds or smell.
(5) Legs were long and hairy.
(6) Torso and arms were long and slender. Height estimated at 6 ft.
(7) Creature made eye contact for a fraction of a second. Eyes appeared to be dark.
(8) Creature dove in with arms extended, creating a relatively small splash.
(9) Hair length app. 6-8 inches. Appeared to be thin hair.
(10) Witnesses waited app. 20 mins. for creature to come up for air.
(11) Witness believes there may be underwater caves with pockets of air.
(12) Father only saw the splash, but verifies that his son claimed it was a hairy humanoid creature.

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