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Report # 25280  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 6, 2009.
Man startles creature while mountain biking near Chelan
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YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 27

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Chelan County

LOCATION DETAILS: Specific directions omitted


OBSERVED: While on a mountain-bike ride down ********* trail, located approx 17 miles northwest of Chelan Washington. I came around a left-hand bend in the trail, which was proceeding up a ridgeline slope of moderate grade. The trail was well packed and damp, as a rainstorm had preceded my biking trip by two days. This weather pattern was unusual for Central Washington in the late summer month of August. I was biking alone, and the section of trail preceding my unidentified animal sighting was downhill and allowed me to ride quickly, making little noise. As I proceeded around the left hand bend in the trail, my vision was drawn to a motion on the ridgeline that continued to my upward left. What I saw was a tall (approx 8 ft), Dark brown, longhaired animal running rapidly in a bi-pedal manner from the exposed ridgeline in a northwesterly direction. He remained in my line of vision as he ran through a moderately dense high alpine forest. It was astounding to me how quickly and quietly the animal was able to move for his sheer body size. I immediately stopped my bike with the initial sight of this animal. After stopping my bike, the animal remained within my sight for approx 10-15 seconds as he was running rapidly away from my intrusion. There was no mistaking this animal's height as I am 6' 4", and my estimate of 8 ft. may be a moderate estimate of actual height. There also was no mistaking the bi-pedal pattern of running exhibitited by this unknown animal. After seeing the animal run through the forest, I dropped my bike where I stood, and walked quietly down to the point where I saw him cross the trail. The tracks of this animal showed poorly as the ground on either side of the trail was densely vegetated with low-lying grasses and shrubs. It was remarkable to see such a large animal move so quickly and efficiently through the density of the forest. I looked for broken twigs, branches, or hair and found none. I failed to find tracks within the trail.

ALSO NOTICED: On Aug. 28th, the day after my ride down ******* ******* {trail name}, I went on a second ride to Myrtle Lake (F.S. trail 1400) up the Entiat River. On this ride I came across a black bear that was easily identified, and helped clarify in my own mind that what I saw most definitely was not a bear.

OTHER WITNESSES: No other witnesses

OTHER STORIES: I had heard of no other incidents or sightings. After talking with my cousin about the unknown animal sighting, he did some Internet research and told me about the Brent McCay (report # 21189) sighting further north on Lake Chelan from the ferry-service boat Lady of the Lake.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Time: approx 9:00 am
Lighting: Full morning sun-light, no fog, smoke, or haze.

ENVIRONMENT: The trail at that point was proceeding up a semi-exposed rocky ridgeline, with high alpine conifers (elev. approx 5800 ft) growing only on the western facing slopes. The trees were approx 20-30 ft in height, and semi-densly spaced with moderate underlying forest floor foliage. It was at this point that I saw the unknown bi-pedal animal.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Derek Freel:

I spoke to this person in great detail regarding his report. He has a history in the sciences. He had recently been working in the area as a biologist for the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department. This person has a very sound knowledge of the animals inhabiting the Northwest forests, not only due to his scientific background, but also due to his years of experience in the area. He only added that the arms swayed much like a human's arms would, when running.

The exact location of the incident will be kept confidential.

About BFRO Investigator Derek Freel:

Derek Freel grew up near Okanogan, Washington, and currently lives in the Kennewick area. He has studied the subject of sasquatch for many years, and was very lucky to have encountered the animals on several BFRO Expeditions. Derek is taking an active role in bringing these animals into mainstream science. He attended the 2005 Washington Expedition, 2006 Redwoods Expedition, 2006 Oregon Expedition and the 2006 Washington Expedition.

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