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Report # 25137  (Class B)
Submitted by witness C.C. on Friday, December 5, 2008.
Memory told of a possible late night sighting while driving near Hurlock
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: ??

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Dorchester County

LOCATION DETAILS: near pine forest and creeks

NEAREST TOWN: nothing nearby, maybe Bridgeville

NEAREST ROAD: rt 404 or Rt. 20

OBSERVED: This incident occurred on a surf trip to Ocean City Md. with my high school friend and surfing buddy but we had gone up rt. 404 into Delaware to cut down from Rehobeth beach. I'm not sure where EXACTLY but it was between a number of farms and on a road off of 404 which we considered a shortcut. The area was dense pine trees and I would guess it was late spring as there was no traffic at all and usually in summer there was even at the time we were travelling, between 3 and 4 AM. We were moving at about 60 to 70 MPH and looking out for deer and were very much awake. I saw a pair of eyes off in the woods some ways up, perhaps 100 meters when I noticed them and as we were closing rapidly I braked fairly heavily. My friend and I saw what I can only describe as an absolutely enormous hairy creature moving VERY fast from the passenger side of the road to the left side. I would estimate it to be at least 8 feet to the shoulder and hunched forward, almost on four legs but definitely NOT a quadruped. It was positively terrifying and we both looked at each other and said "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!". I will never forget the size of the thing. Neither of us have any idea what it was but both of us were outdoorsmen and camped regularly and experienced in the woods. For many years afterward we have speculated what it was and I think I may have told three or four people about it but never was taken entirely seriously.

ALSO NOTICED: There was no moon so it was unusually dark and additionally we were between two large pine forests which blocked any starlight. The eyes were very bright as the headlights hit them and orange in a way that was not like a deer or a cat or bear.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses, myself (driving) and my friend (navigating) and both of us keeping a sharp lookout for deer as we had driven the route many times late at night and early in the morning before.

OTHER STORIES: The other two sightings listed for the area seem a lot like my own. I was not sure about reporting this until I read them and considered it overnight. The sighting is similar to one a friend had years and years ago in the 1970s in Washington state.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The incident occurred at around 3 or 330 AM and there was NO predawn glow so I would hazard to guess it was closer to three. I do not recall there being a moon as it was exceptionally dark. In fact I am sure there was no moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest, between farms/fields

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Aaron B.:

The witness was genuine and forthright. Upon our discussion and referencing maps of his travel route he determined that his sighting was in fact just outside Hurlock, Maryland and not in Delaware. The sighting took place on Rt. 392 just outside the Idylwild State Wildlife Management Area. This area is very close to the MD/DE state line and the error was a minor one considering his report was filed 9 years after the sighting. The area of the sighting is a heavily wooded rural area with plenty of game, cover and permanent water sources.

The witness was emphatic that this animal was not only massive but fast. While the animal was at the edge of his headlight beams he was able to recount a few details. The animal moved across the road in a primate-like run. The witness felt it was using its knuckles like a gorilla or chimpanzee would run. The subject was a gray-brown color and appeared shaggy. No facial details were seen but he felt the face had a sort of muzzle. Not like a wolf or dog but the mouth area projected outward similar to a higher primate. The eye-shine that was seen was while the subject was in the woods. The witness felt that the creature was already moving at a rapid pace before it was seen by the witnesses. It looked away from them and in the direction it was headed as it entered the roadway and never looked at them again.

In the years since the sighting, the witnesses had fallen out of touch and the second witness was not immediately reachable. The first witness will attempt to locate the second witness and I will update if he finds him and he agrees to being interviewed.

About BFRO Investigator Aaron B.:

Aaron B. has had a life-long interest in the Sasquatch phenomenon. He is an avid outdoorsman and naturalist, as well as an accomplished artist. He has attended public expeditions NC 2011, WV 2012, PA 2013, WV 2013, NC 2014 as well as private expeditions.

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