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Report # 2494  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 12, 2001.
Bus driver encounters ape like creature during an unscheduled stop
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YEAR: 1943


MONTH: October

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Lonoke County

LOCATION DETAILS: I dont remember the name of the little town
we stopped so the driver could report it.
but he said we would be in little rock in about
fourty five more minutes. this has been to many
years gone by to make a diffrents. just wanted to
say I know he is real.

NEAREST TOWN: memphis and little Rock ark.

NEAREST ROAD: it is now interstate 40

OBSERVED: I was six at the time. my family on a bus coming
from memphis ark. to ft.smith ark.
sister and I was in back of bus on the long seat
so we could sleep.
bus driver stopped bus to use the woods.
he jump back in bus and said hold on every body
there is a big ape out there that almost got me.
as the bus started to move my sister and I looked
out the back window and saw what I beleive to be
big foot crossing the road. at the time I didnt
know about big foot so we thought it was a ape that had excape from a carnival.
it looked like an ape that we had seen in a carnival once. it took long strides crossing
the road and was not leaning over on its hands
to walk. it was more like a real big man in a ape
costume. the picture til this day is still fresh
in my mind. and it wasnt an ape that I have ever
seen in zoo,s or carnivals

ALSO NOTICED: nothing more then ever body talked all night
about it and no body tried to sleep after that.

OTHER WITNESSES: the bus was half full of people waiting for the
driver to finish his call of nature so we could
start moving again. my sister and i got the best
view because we was looking out the back window
trying to see what the driver was talking about.
my parents and a few more saw him start across the
road behind the bus. my sister and I watched him cross and enter the woods on the other side.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: night time full moon or near
full moon

ENVIRONMENT: hills and plenty of trees.
we was on the highway
he cross the highway going south.
both sides of the highway had woods.

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