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Report # 24539  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 19, 2008.
Two cousins have a sighting in a thunderstorm on a family farm outside Palestine
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YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Spring

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Cherokee County

LOCATION DETAILS: 2 miles East of the Neches River/3 miles North of Hwy 84, I don't have road numbers. All roads are logging roads.



OBSERVED: This was on my Grandparents farm. It was 2 miles down a dirt County road and 1 mile down logging roads. My cousin and I had gone out to the farm to camp and fish over the weekend. We arrived early in the afternoon and set up camp in a clearing near the lake and started fishing. Around sunset, a large thunderstorm came in and we sought shelter in an old barn approx 100 yds from the lake while the storm blew through. We had left the fish on a stringer in the lake with the stinger tied to a small tree. As we were waiting in the barn I looked back at the lake and during several flashes of lighting I saw something approx 7-8 feet tall, walking fast on it's rear legs, with it's arms swinging in a natural humanoid motion. I had a visual on this creature for 3-4 seconds between lighting flashes. I turned to cousin to see if he had seen what I had seen and he said he had. The creature was dark colored, walked upright on its rear legs naturally and averaged 4-5 feet between steps (I have no way to prove that as the rain washed away any tracks). Also the next morning the fish on the stringer were eaten.

I have been around animals my whole life, both domestic and wild. I do not understand why this creature would be moving during a thunderstorm. I still donít know what we had seen that night but I know that we saw something. When we got back to our place, we told our grandmother what we has seen and she said it was probably a bigfoot. She said she used to see them as a little girl growing up in South Houston County in the Big Thicket.


OTHER STORIES: Grandmother related seeing possible bigfoot creatures during childhood in east Texas.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night - Thunderstorm


Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness by telephone. He stated that he is currently a veterinarian. The witness related all details listed above and had the following to add.

The creature was approximately 7-8 feet tall and walked swinging its arms in a purposeful motion. It appeared that it was trying to get somewhere quick. He related that as best his memory served, it made 4 to 5 strides between lightning flashes. It scared them enough that they stayed in the barn all night.

They found the fish stringer in the pond the next morning and they had been eaten except for the heads and skeletal system. By his training he would have to say something aquatic ate the fish.

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