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Report # 24442  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 15, 2008.
Woman remembers witnessing a tall hairy figure in the Pocono Mountains
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YEAR: 1978-1979


MONTH: September

DATE: 08/15/08

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Monroe County


NEAREST ROAD: don't remember

OBSERVED: It was late at night. We had a St. Bernard that loved to take long drives. We decided to take a drive in the Pocono Mountains of PA.
We would take familiar roads, then usually find a woodsy road to cut off on. That night, I believe we were in the Bushkill Falls area (which should be in Monroe County). We were on a narrow two-lane road in a heavily wooded area. We approached an intersection with no stop signs. We actually stopped to look at a map. All of a sudden, a very tall figure crossed right in front of our car. We were shocked! It must have been at least 7ft.+ tall, long arms, hairy body, ape-like appearance, very slender. It walked completely upright and just crossed over to the other side of the road. There was another car that approached this small intersection--that car also saw it, because he stopped the car--remember, this was a back road with no stop sign. Shortly after we had seen this creature, there was an article in the local newspaper about sightings in the state of PA. I cut out the article and saved it, placing it in a book for safe keeping. After awhile, we moved and the book with the article disappeared. I tried to contact "The Morning Call", but you had to check out their archives to get any information.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing I heard about

OTHER WITNESSES: another car at intersection saw same thing--we did not stop to talk about it.

OTHER STORIES: Only what the newspaper printed in the article that there were other sightings in the surrounding area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late at night--it could have been around 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Paul Conroy :

I interviewed this witness for approximately 30 minutes and she was able to elaborate with the following details.

The couple was stopped at a four way intersection and were reviewing a map when oncoming headlights caused them to look upwards when they saw the creature pass in front of the car. It was within an arm's length of the front bumper.

The face was described as "somewhere between ape and human". The hair appeared to be reddish brown. The height estimate was determined by comparing the animal to the vehicles.

As the witnesses considered approaching the car that had stopped directly across from them - the car abruptly took off at a high rate of speed, indicating that the occupants had also witnessed the creature.

This is a rural area with significant stretches of state game land. Considering the sighting took place over 30 years ago it is safe to say that it was even more desolate with much less development. It has a strong game population. It is feasible that the area has the size and food source to support sasquatch activity.

Will update this report if we are able to locate the old newspaper article she is referring to.

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