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Report # 2440  (Class C)
Submitted by Richard on Sunday, February 22, 1998.
Camp cook sees a sasquatch at a logging camp while loggers were away from camp
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YEAR: Early 1950's

SEASON: Unknown

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: The logging camp was located between Peachland and Princeton.

OBSERVED: It is a well known story among the oldtimers here that the camp cook at a logging operation in the thick woods saw what she described as a sasquatch when all the men were out of camp falling trees. This would have taken place in the early 1950's I think. There is a picture of the loggers and sophie in the history book called Peachland memories. I believe a man who was there and still lives in Peachland may shed more light on the incident--Gordon Sanderson.

OTHER WITNESSES: Preparing food in logging camp.

ENVIRONMENT: Thick Jackpine forests.

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