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Report # 24356  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 5, 2008.
Two fishermen hear possible vocalizations then find footprints west of Warren
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: Spring 2005


COUNTY: Trumbull County

LOCATION DETAILS: I am not sure of the exact location but my buddy knows exactly where it is. I do know the location is very close to the Ravenna military ammunition plant also known as the Ravenna arsenal. The area is very close to the Trumbull county Portage county line.


NEAREST ROAD: st rt 82

OBSERVED: A friend and I had decided to go fishing one morning after working the night shift. We arrived at eagle creek around six thirty it was still very dark out but had our lanterns with us. As we stopped the car and got out we walked to the back of the car to get our equipment as soon as my buddy popped the trunk lock we heard a horrible scream and what sounded like someone yelling but the speech was backwards this sent chills down our backs. The sound came from the area we were headed. We waited a few seconds and tried to think of an explanation of the sound but couldn't come up with any thing. We fished till morning light and then decided to walk the creek edge. We came across a sand bar with a lot of mussels attached to some shale rocks that protruded up from under the sand as we got closer we saw signs that something had been digging at the mussels at first I thought this could have been any animal doing this but as we got even closer we saw two very detailed foot prints in the sand. There is no doubt in ether of our minds that someone had walked in the sand with bare feet. The prints were approximately 12 to 13 inches what puzzled us was what was someone doing out at six thirty in the morning in early spring with an outside temp around 35 degrees because we had very heavy clothes on because of the cold and the prints led straight up a four foot embankment and into some very heavy thorn brush the kind that a you can't even walk threw with out ripping your cloths to shreds. We walked the rest of the creek but couldn't find any other signs or prints.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes my buddy that was standing next to me at the rear of the car when we heard the scream.

OTHER STORIES: I heard of a foot print that was found in west branch state park sometime before this. I am a very serious hunter and fisherman and have been around a lot of animals. I have also had a lot of exposure to exotic animals do to a friend of mine that owns a privet zoo in Ravenna and what we heard that night I have never hear before.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was morning still very dark with a half moon still visible.

ENVIRONMENT: The area was a creek bottom surrounded by flood planes filled with thorns and prickers perfect deer bedding areas.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Joanna Cuva:

The witness said he did not go back to the area to get pictures. With the snow flurries and water they more than likely would not have held up. He said the scream/growl sounded like a 600lb cat getting its tail stepped on. They heard something bursting through the brush. They did not know what to think and then a short time later they found the footprints in the sandbar. The word "backwards" is often used when describing sasquatch vocalizations, also referred to as "samurai chatter".

About BFRO Investigator Joanna Cuva:

Joanna AKA Joee, has worked as a veterinarian technician for over 11 years. She lives in the Green Swamp of central Florida area with her husband and her three children. She is very knowledgeable of the local wildlife, spending a lot of her time in the outdoors. Joanna has a special interest in wildlife and conservation. She attended South Florida Expedition 2008, North Florida Expedition 2009, Central Florida Expedition 2009, Pennsylvania Expedition 2009, Georgia Expedition 2010 and assisted with the organization of several Florida expeditions.

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