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Report # 2433  (Class B)
Submitted by Regan Dickinson on Sunday, February 22, 1998.
Forest service technician finds tracks in snow in a very remote area accessible only by helicopter
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

PROVINCE: British Columbia


OBSERVED: Information supplied to me by a forestry technician.

He was flown 100km(1/2hr ride) by helicopter out of Nakusp, B.C.(50 miles from the nearest road). The helicopter landed in an alpine basin(bowl/Cirque). The month of the incident was in January, and this person was to do road layout. He noticed tracks of naked feet, normal size (10 inches long), with a normal width, and he thought, he saw a couple footprints in the snow and then they fell throught the snow. He wondered who the heck would be walking around in the winter, but he had work to do. He came back to the helicopter and asked the pilot if he had walked around in the bowl, and the pilot said no (usually they stay close to the helicopter). He thought that the pilot had been playing a trick on him, but I believe it was at the start of the day. He said he knew of no reason why someone would be out in the middle of nowhere at 10-20 degrees below zero, making bare tracks in the snow. It would be costly to place tracks in the middle of nowhere.

Approx. six footprints on top of the snow Size 11 - toes shown- wider than a humans footprint not a bear print

OTHER WITNESSES: Working in the bush. These guys have no time to play around making non-boot tracks in the snow, not to mention that it would be kind of cold on the feet.

ENVIRONMENT: Spruce/Alpine Fir forest Cirque/bowl - high elevation West Kootenays - Mountainous country

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