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Report # 23980  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 11, 2008.
Woman recounts possible night time encounter near Mogadore
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YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 10


COUNTY: Portage County

LOCATION DETAILS: It happened at the camp grounds that are closed. It used to be a swimming spot as well but the YMCA was taking care of it and they left so its closed.


NEAREST ROAD: Sunnybrook

OBSERVED: 6-10-08
I was walking with several other people in the Mogadore reservoir area. We were by the camp grounds that have been closed now for a few years. We heard running next to us on the other side of the tree line. It was like something large was crashing through the trees. As we approached another tree line and we were about to enter the woods we heard what sounded like someone throwing a HUGE rock through the trees. It landed a few feet away from us just inside the tree line. It was so large and hit so hard we felt the ground vibrate with the force. We all jumped sideways in fear of getting hit. We then heard a loud growl. Needless to say we were on our way OUT after that. I didnt believe in Bigfoot until tonite. I got on the net right when we got home to do some research. My mind keeps playing that growl OVER and OVER again.

OTHER WITNESSES: 7 We were all just walking and talking.

OTHER STORIES: Not until I got on the computer and looked HOWEVER I did just have a girl that is friends with my daughter tell me she saw something HUGE on 2 legs running through an area close to this one. She just saw it a couple days ago. I DID NOT believe in bigfoot until right now. I listened to her and smiled at her but I now believe her!!!!

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1 am. So actually it was 6-11-08

The weather is perfect. about 76 degrees. Stars are out and not a cloud in the sky.

ENVIRONMENT: There are several types of trees there. It happened right by the lake.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

I spoke with the witness during a telephone interview and the following information can be included.
The witness was with a group of people in an area that was once a public campground. At the time of her report, the campground had been abandoned and was closed to the general public. Prior to the encounter, the group had been walking along a path that led to various camp sites. The path was paralleled by thick tree and brush growth. The witness recalled that all along the path, it sounded like something was being thrown at them. She remembered the noise was made by something striking the trees and leaves which led her to believe it was rocks being thrown at her group. The witness also told me the she and her husband returned the next day to search the area in the daylight and according to the witness, they found the large rock that had been thrown at them and it was so large, that her husband was unable to move it. Her husband, who is an avid hunter, attempted to back track from the area of the large rock. He discovered a path of small saplings that had been trampled and branches broken off of trees that led away from the encounter. At the first opportunity, the witness agreed to meet with me and show me the area.
I met with the witness and her husband at the campground where the incident occurred. As it had been over two years since her encounter, numerous changes to the area were evident. All of the buildings had been torn down and most of the campsites had been removed. Nature had begun the process of reclaiming the area including the trails and roads. With the witnessí assistance, we were able to find the general area of her encounter, but unable to locate the large rock. During our search of the area, I did discover numerous deer beds, wild berry bushes and the skeletal remains of a deer. With ample water available from the reservoir, heavy wooded areas, and plenty of resources available, it is very possible that a Sasquatch could be attracted to this area.

I've included photographs of the path and area of the encounter as well as pictures of the immediate area.

About BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

Brad is a native Texan from McKinney. He grew up working with all forms of livestock and spent countless hours in the outdoors and this is where his interest in this subject began. Employment opportunities took him to Ohio where he actively investigated this subject in and around surrounding states. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M Commerce and a Associate of Science from Grayson College. Brad has also been a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor for over 20 years. He attended the Pennsylvania 2009, 2011 and Tennessee 2010 expeditions. He has also Attended Texas 2012, 2014 and Kentucky 2013 as well as numerous private expeditions. He currently resides in a rural area northeast of McKinney, Texas.

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