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Report # 2397  (Class B)
Submitted on Sunday, May 9, 1999.
Seven-foot tall creature seen by two youths; a local newspaper later carries story about other incidents in the same area
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YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Grayson County

LOCATION DETAILS: In Grayson County, in the Northeast part of a town named Denison, (Texas). It was in the woods right off of Eighth street.


NEAREST ROAD: Eigth Street

OBSERVED: My husband has told this story every since he was a child and his cousin who was with him at the time backs up every bit of the story. If you seperate them and ask specific questions, the stories match perfectly. One afternoon in the summer time husband and his cousin walked into the woods just behind the houses they lived in. They were on their way down to this creekbed they always went to so they could shoot their B B guns. Not long after they had just gotten into the woods they heard what sounded like maybe an animal moving in the woods. The sounds got louder and louder and eventually started to sound like footsteps of someone walking in the same direction they were going. The footsteps at one point sounded as if whatever was moving the same direction was no more than 25 feet away. The sound carried on until they had reached the creekbed. Once they were in the bottem of the creekbed they both looked up the creekbed in the direction the footsteps had came from. Fear overcame my husband so that before he could scream, he turned and ran dropping his b b gun. His cousin, also engulfed overcome with fear, followed right behind him. What they saw was described as about seven-foot tall, covered with hair, but could not make out the face. They ran all the way home but whatever it was did not follow. Not even a week had gone by that a story came out in the Denison Herald about a Bluecreek monster that had been sighted in the Northeast part of Denison. Some time after that my husband's father was in their bathroom one early morning and said that he had heard a scream come from out of the woods like he had never heard in his life. Makes you think twice about being alone in the woods, doesn't it?

ALSO NOTICED: About a year later my husband and his cousin were walking in the same woodsy area where they had seen the creature and just as they had started into the woods they heard the same sound of footsteps starting to follow again. This time they didn't wait around to see what it was. They ran.

ENVIRONMENT: It was within the thickest woods of Denison.

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