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Report # 2396  (Class B)
Submitted by B.L.W. on Monday, June 28, 1999.
Tall creature seen by witness
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YEAR: 1964

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Ellis County

LOCATION DETAILS: Chambers Creek, near Ennis, Ellis County, Texas


OBSERVED: My father, Kenneth W., and his friend, were fishing at a large creek known as Chambers Creek between the towns of Avalon and Ennis, TX in Ellis County. During this excursion, a large, hulking, hairy creature, approximately eight to ten feet tall appeared before them and roared, bearing its arms. My father and his friend were, of course, frightened nearly hysterically, and proceeded to run, got into my father's truck, and sped ten miles back to Ennis. This so-called "Chambers Creek Monster" was seen by various people following my father's sighting, but since then, it has never been seen again.

OTHER WITNESSES: Fishing. It was very hot that day, and they were very laxidasically lounging until the sighting.

OTHER STORIES: Ellis County is a hotbed for strange, preternatural activity, but a Bigfoot-type creature had only been spotted before in the 30s.

ENVIRONMENT: A creek bottom. Chambers Creek is an extraordinarily large creek that runs through several towns in Ellis, County.

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