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Report # 231  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 30, 2000.
Man witness confrontation between bigfoot and stray dog, near Sykesville
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YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Spring

DATE: 5/9/81

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Carroll County

LOCATION DETAILS: described above

NEAREST TOWN: Sykesville, Maryland, Carroll Co.

NEAREST ROAD: River Rd. and Rt 32

OBSERVED: In 1981, I was on the South Branch of the Patapsco River, approx. 1 mile downstream from Rt.32. This section of river flattens out into riffles then empties into a larger pool. I have fished this part of the river since I moved to Maryland from Pennsylvania in 1976.

I was fishing on the north bank of the river and noticed a stray large mixed breed dog showing alot of interest on the south bank. This area has about 100 ft open area before it becomes wooded. The dog suddenly started to bark and jumped at something that stood up in the brush near the river. This animal, the best terms I can describe, stood approx. 7-8 ft. and had the shape of a slouching human, full dark brown matted hair covering the body. The creature was making a ticking sound....hard to describe.
The dog lunged at it and quickly was slammed to the ground by the creature. By this time, I was wading across the shallow area of the river and caught a scent of this animal....reminded me of a heavy musk smell...kind of like that of a fox. The dog ran away and the creature started to walk into the woods. I tried to walk behind it, but I was in waders and lost sight of the creature. I did see the dog a bit later and it had blood on it's mouth and backside.
I drove to a phone in Sykesville and called the police. I was told to return to the scene and wait. It took me about 3 mins to get back....and a police cruiser (State Police) was already there. I was immediately told to leave the area. I returned an hour later and noticed several state vehicles and one federal vehicle as well as police...the area was taped off. I could see people combing the area....I was told once again to leave.
I tried for several days to get answers from state official but never got an answer. I called WJZ, WBAL and WMAR about the incidents and each seem very interested. I contacted each station later and was told that they had "no idea" of an incident and did not want to talk to me.

That's about it....I was very frustrated by this. I have reported this incident to only a few sources over the years. If you have any information...I would appreciate it...

Lon Strickler

ALSO NOTICED: I was told at the scene by a police officer that hair and other evidence was found


OTHER STORIES: 1976...Sykesville. Well documented encounter with a Bigfoot. Lots of property damage. It was told to me after this happened

*note* the witness to this incident has since deceased.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: sunny...11 am

ENVIRONMENT: described above

A & G References: MD & DEL map 57, grid A-4, DeLorme Gazetter map book

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ron B.:

This area has a history of incidents.
Not far from where the south branch meets the Patapsco river, just south of Liberty Reservoir.
Witness stated that the dog suffered a massive cut in the neck area, but it is unknown if the dog was recovered for treatment. Status of the dog is unknown.

The black unmarked vehicles ,owning agency ,is unknown. (could be either Federal or MSP)
I contacted both the Maryland State Police, and the Sykesville P.D.
I was unable to verify the police response, as they tell me they do not keep non-criminal records from back that far.

Witness also recalled some bones, described as "Very large human(?)", (rib cage, some leg & arm) being recovered from an area downstream, from the riverbank. These were turned over to the coroner. Status unknown.

If anyone has further info on this sighting, or any other sightings in this area, E-mail me at Please include this case number. Thank you

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