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Report # 2264  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, April 22, 2001.
Woman sees large upright figure cross road near midnight
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YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 7/15/83


COUNTY: Greene County

LOCATION DETAILS: It happened on Old Highway 30 which is also known as East Lincolnway


NEAREST ROAD: Old Highway 30

OBSERVED: I was sitting on my back porch steps waiting for my boyfriend to stop by after work. I knew he would be there any minute so I was watching the road waiting to see the headlights of his truck. Because at that time of night there was little or no traffic. Instead I saw a extremely large creature walk across the road about 150 feet from me. It crossed the road very near the streetlight, which illuminated it very clearly. It stood approximately 7 feet tall, had medium to dark brown hair covering its entire body, and was walking upright. It was very broad through the chest and I was near enough to be able to see the muscle outline of its right arm. Seeming to be in no hurry it walked across the road and disappeared behind the tall shrubs that lined my neighbors driveway. My neighbor had hunting dogs that he kept penned up, and when I lost sight of this thing they apparently did not. The dogs started barking so ferociously and making such a racket that I ran into the house and woke my mother up(which one never did, especially at this time of night! Unless of course you were dying). She got up and came to the porch with me, she heard the dogs, but did not see the "thing". Neither did my boyfriend who arrived just moments later. I told many people about what I'd seen, some believe, some don't. It really doesn't matter to me whether they do or don't, I know what I saw.

ALSO NOTICED: The neighbors dogs were going crazy that night, and afterwards on certain nights my dog would awaken me by staring out the window and barking loudly with the hair raised all over her body.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only one who actually saw the "thing". My mother and boyfriend heard the dogs just after my sighting.

OTHER STORIES: The only other stories I've heard have been second or third hand. Of trappers and fisherman out by the river either late at night or very early a.m. and having the woods go quiet, and smelling an awful stench. Or just hearing very strange noises.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It happened at midnight or 12:05a.m. The night was clear with some moonlight. Had it not walked near the streetlight I'm not sure I would have seen it.

ENVIRONMENT: Behind my house was a cornfield. There was a stream not far away and there were woodlands in the area.

Follow-up investigation report:

After our phone conversation, it was evident that the witness had actually been able to observe something very unusual, large and graceful. My focus on the situation was on her dog's behavior which often became upset and barked out the window night after night. There was also an indication that the bigfoot may have been responsible for some livestock damage... which was blamed on local dogs.

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