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Report # 2192  (Under Investigation)
Submitted by witness M. on Thursday, February 3, 2000.
Witness observed a small creature climbing up a hillside near Mt.Tam/Muir Woods area
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YEAR: 1999


MONTH: October

DATE: 31

STATE: California

COUNTY: Marin County

LOCATION DETAILS: Outside of Muir Woods/Mt. Tam area North of San Francisco.

OBSERVED: Driving through the curving roads outside the Mt. Tam/Muir Woods area I looked up on the hillside as we rounded a curve and believe I saw a small sasquatch climbing up the hillside. My boyfriend was driving, so he didn't see it as it was up the hillside on his side of the car.

ALSO NOTICED: The one I saw appeared fairly small and a dark gray color with very shiny long fur. It wasn't the huge size that most people seem to report about.

OTHER WITNESSES: No, my boyfriend was driving the curving road so he couldn't see it. We tried to back-up, but the hairpin turns on the road didn't permit much time for us to stop and try to look.

ENVIRONMENT: Hillsides of California along very curving roads through the hill/mountain area outside the Muir Woods/Mt. Tam area.

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