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Report # 2159  (Class A)
Submitted by witness J.T.J on Monday, February 21, 2000.
Sighting by a man on horseback of two large creatures near Gladewater
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YEAR: 1976


MONTH: October

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Upshur County

LOCATION DETAILS: Go to Gladewater and take Gimer Hwy, turn right on union Grove road about 2 miles past city limit signs.go about 5 miles and take a dirt road to the left only, go about 1 mile to old bridge and they were in the meadow to the right.

NEAREST TOWN: Gladewater

NEAREST ROAD: A farm to market.

OBSERVED: It was about 8:pm , it had been an Indian summer type day and I had taken my horse for a long ride one saturday afternoon , I lost track of time and I was late getting back from my ride, this horse was a wellbroke animal and as I came down a dirt road where there was a plank bridge the horse started to prance, snort and blow and he was watching something off to my left, I have excellent night vision and started trying to see what was spooking the horse. This horse had a long mane and I noticed it standing part way out like it was charged by static electricity, and the hair on my arms and back of my neck were standing up too. There was a full moon coming up that night and about a 10 mile an hour wind from the north blowing against my back. as I got over the bridge on the horse I could see in an opening in a meadow two large creatures standing erect and side by side watching me on the horse.They appeared too be swaying back and forth like they were trying to scent what was coming down the road. One looked to be about 7-8 ft tall and the other 6-7ft tall.I started to get scared even though they were on the other side of a barbed wire fence and about 35yards from the horse and me. I kicked the horse into a gallop and headed home my heart pounding in my chest. I looked back over my shoulder and saw them disappear slowly still walking erect into the woods.

ALSO NOTICED: I answered above, also that same year I was late getting out of the woods, the same area , and it got dark and I had no light, I felt the hair stand up on my neck again and satrted feeling as if something was following me. I cocked my gun safety off and got out of there as quick aas possible, I had hunting dogs with me and they headed to the house not waiting on me.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late evening. Dusk to dark. I was on foot I could smell a strong odor, in the woods almost skunky smelling but not quite.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest with a heavy under canopy of oak , sweet gums and brush. at thjat time there was a huge amount of land behind where I saw the creaters that was undeveloped and most too thick to ride a horse through.

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