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Report # 21189  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 24, 2007.
Daylight sighting by boaters where Holden Creek flows into Lake Chelan
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YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 23

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Chelan County


NEAREST ROAD: No roads up there we got there by boat on Lake Chelan

OBSERVED: My Wife and I Were traveling yesterday on the Lady of the Lake II out of Chelan Washington. We were heading from Chelan to Stehekin on the north end of the Lake. About half way up the lake we were dropping off 70 fire fighters at Lucerne. Just as the Boat was leaving the landing I saw something large and dark walking on the shore were a creek (I believe it's called Holden creek) runs into the lake. I saw it for a few seconds and told my wife that I thought I might have Just seen Bigfoot. I showed her the spot and told her to keep looking while I got the camera. She said "I see it" she said "it looked like an orangatang but more upright."
I ran to the bow with my camera. I looked around and saw the creature walking back up into the woods it had very dark brown hair covering its's entire body. It looked to be between 7 and 8 ft tall and probably weighed between 400 and 450 lbs. It had long arms and a long loping gate. I fired off three pictures hoping to capture a picture of this amazing creature. I ran in and told my wife and kids what I had seen. I looked back at the digital images and initially saw nothing because I don't have a tele photo lense, but later that night in Stehekin I was loking at the pictures and zoomed in on the part of the shore wher I had seen the creature and there he was! I had started to doubt what we had seen but now I have A picture to prove it to me when I begin to doubt it. I did not necessarily believe before this. Nad my wife and I were definitely not looking for bigfoot when we both saw him.

ALSO NOTICED: This isn't about the Bigfoot but if anyone tries to contact us for the next few days we wil be in Stehekin WA where there is no phone service but I will check my e-mail I would love to figure out a way to get a blown up copy of the picture to your organization.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes. My wife saw it too

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Iyt was a clear day about 11:30 Am

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest at th mouth of a creek on Lake Chelan The were fires on Mke Mountain to the South

Follow-up investigation report:

After speaking to the witness several times I believe him to be sincere. Immediately upon making contact the witness emailed several pictures to me. Unfortunately the distance from the shore to the "subject" severely limits the ability to discern what in fact the creature is, it appears to be nothing more than a "blobsquatch" due to the lack of detail. However it appears that the subject is quite tall as it clearly stands well above several large wind fell trees and other bushes on the lake shore. As the witness states in his report the majority of the tour boat's guests where focused on the off loading of fire fighters, they where apparently the only people to notice the animal. This area is extremely remote accessible only by boat or float plane. The likely hood of a hoax is extremely remote.
The witness has agreed to send the photos to me with the full files copied onto a CD; this will allow a more detailed examination.

Derek Freel

About BFRO Investigator Derek Freel:

Derek Freel grew up near Okanogan, Washington, and currently lives in the Kennewick area. He has studied the subject of sasquatch for many years, and was very lucky to have encountered the animals on several BFRO Expeditions. Derek is taking an active role in bringing these animals into mainstream science. He attended the 2005 Washington Expedition, 2006 Redwoods Expedition, 2006 Oregon Expedition and the 2006 Washington Expedition.

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