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Report # 1927  (Unreachable)
Submitted by witness L. X. on Thursday, March 8, 2001.
Hunter experiences vocalizations and shaking trees
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YEAR: 1982


MONTH: November

DATE: 11/10/82

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Manitowoc County

LOCATION DETAILS: I could still return to the exact location within 50 yds

NEAREST TOWN: Prefer not to say at this time

NEAREST ROAD: see above

OBSERVED: Allthough I didn't have an actual sighting
This has been in my memory for many years and I can still visualize it like it was yesterday

It was early Nov. on a clear sunny day when I was scouting for a bow stand.

I was crossing some low ground between two ridges when I heard some loud growling that didn't sound like any animal I knew to inhabit that area.

I was about 150 yds when I first heard it and it had my curiosity to see what kind of animal could make that much noise.

I slowly approached it and the closer I got the more agitated it became..The growls became louder and more fierce! As if it was a warning?

I approached to approximately 30 to 35 yds when it got extremely agitated at about the precise moment I got extremely scared!

I decided whatever it was, I wasn't that curious to venture any further and I decided to vacate the area.
I did notice while I was walking away, the more distance I put between us the more calm it became, with the screams and growls becoming less frequent.

The one thing I neglected to tell earlier; although I never sighted anything, When I was the closest to it, I was watching the trees shake but I could observe nothing in the branches that could be causing that effect an an otherwise calm day.

ALSO NOTICED: The most unusual thing was the shaking of the trees
I know of no animal that would do that?


OTHER STORIES: Yes there have been a couple in the area
But even after my experience I find them to be very suspicious

TIME AND CONDITIONS: A very clear sunny day with very little wind and in the early afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: A very large swamp
About 4x7 Mi.

Follow-up investigation report:

When I talked to the witness I came away feeling as though he likely had an experience with a sasquatch. The behavioral implications, the habitat and the loud intensity of the vocalizations point to this as well as his intimidation. To go back twice and not be able to see the cause of the tree shaking implies this as well.

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