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Report # 1850  (Class B)
Submitted by witness CH on Sunday, February 25, 2001.
Man relates series of events over several years after seeing a report posted from 3-4 miles away
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YEAR: 1980-1983

SEASON: Winter

DATE: These things occured during the rest of the year too.

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Carter County

LOCATION DETAILS: Six miles east of Greyson, Kentucky and about twenty miles west of Ashland Kentucky.


NEAREST ROAD: US 60 and State Rt. 207

OBSERVED: This was about 1980-1983, I lived in Carter County in a small community named Rush. I lived in a small hollow with a partically graveled lane that dead ended at my driveway. The land is hills with pine oak and other common eastern Kentucky trees and brush growth. Land has strip mines with several ponds scattered through it, there are houses, and small farms, (just family type farms).

In 1980 we - my wife and 5 children - moved to the undeveloped 50 + acres. That was my wife's father's until his death in 1973.

We had lived there for about two or three months when I started hearing things that made me a little uncomfortable but not frightened.

There were nights the dogs would bark and carry on but would not go after what ever it was they were barking at. And we would even run and hide when it would come to close to the house. I asked a couple of the neighbors and they would not discuss it saying it is just a deer or a bear. Yes there were deer and even a bear killed within a mile or so of the area, but any type of hunter would know that this was very unlikely, but not impossible.

I hunted and walked in the woods a lot just to enjoy the cooler tempatures of the forest and to just be out alone.

While I was hunting I noticed a few things that wasn't what I call natural forest happenings (for lack of a better word). I had not heard of markers of bigfoot territory but I saw what I thought was the work of a few of the local boys out in the woods playing.

But as I looked at the three large trees that was leaned on another tree to form a teepee structure without a covering, the question always came to mind, "Why would anyone want to drag those trees up to here and lean them on that tree?"

You could see they were not a natural fall or a accident, It was a diliberate structure that was constructed by someone.

There was also small trees that were twisted almost in two at from four to six feet off the ground. These were not caused by the wind but by using two hands to twist as you would wring out a cloth.

I never saw any footprints but once when the dogs were acting up at something in the woods, and just about twenty yards up the hill, I went after it with a 30 30 rifle. It was about 11:00 at night, it was probably in early winter or late fall, there was a skift of snow on the ground, mostly in spots on the hill. After I walked around the hills for about a mile to a mile and a half not getting any closer or able to see what I was after even though it stayed about twenty or thirty yards ahead of me. I could never see it, but I could hear it walking in the leaves and breaking branches.

I decided to just go on to the house. The next morning I walked up on the hill to see what kind of tracks I could see. I found my tracks in the snow and where I had tripped a couple of times on vines growing in the leaves on the ground. But I could not find any indication of anything that was walking in front of me or any place around me.

I have seen eyes that looked blood red, and another time green, as they were looking at me from the low underbrush at night.

While setting on the porch at night I would hear what at the time I thought sounded a little like an old steam locomotive whistle. But not guite the same they were always a long way off in the hills.

My wife at the time (now divorced) saw what she described as an old Indian men looking through the window at her. I was not there at the time, but she did call the Kentucky state police. There were no foot prints so they said she probably saw her own reflection and I guess just dissmised it. She said she saw it from the mid chest up. The bottom of the window is at least six feet six inches off the ground, I'am six feet and I had to use an 8 inch block to see over the bottom edge of the window.

One night we were leaving to go into Ashland. As we were getting into the truck we heard someone on the hill whistling, I called out to see who it was but there was no reply, just more whistling. I told them I had a gun and would shoot if they did'nt answer. There was no answer, and I fired a shot in the general direction and the whistling stopped. But there was no reply. It just started to walk around the hill, I fired another shot in the air but it did not speed up or slow down. I got in the truck and we left. I never had a sighting but all these things and a few more such as throwing of rocks and pieces of wood has convinced me there is something that is intelligent enough to stay so close and still so undetected is living within our back yards. These things happened in the early eightys and the place has changed, but I think it is still alive and healthy. The Greenup County sighting prompted me to send this to you as that was just a few miles over the hills. Hope this information will be helpful to you.

ALSO NOTICED: My son his girl frind and my daughter clamed to have had a visual of it about 3 or 4 years ago, and the report you received from Greenup County which is only about three or four miles from the location I was in (distance is a rough guess).

OTHER WITNESSES: Over the years witnesses were many but they would not talk about it, I suppose around thirty or more, but they were no help.

OTHER STORIES: Just a couple as I said they don't talk about it but I heard a family about two blocks from me had the children scared once by a giant "monkey" (they said) looking at them through the kitchen door window.

And a younger boy said he was camping out with a friend once and heard someone walking around ther tent and they grabed the tent and through it the air about ten feet. He said he thought it was the brother of the boy with him, that's all I know about that story.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Almost always around 11:00 to early morning. Sometimes very dark to bright moonlight.

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed hard wood trees and pine trees with a lot of dense under groth at the time strip mining on most of it with several ponds in the strip mines, they are pretty well over grown with a lot of pines now, hills and fairly rugged terrain.

Follow-up investigation report:

CH first contacted the BFRO regarding the Greenup County (Ky) report, saying that it was close to where he used to live, and that while living there he and his family had unusual experiences and had heard of stories about a Bigfoot in the area. The family in Greenup County, and this gentleman, have several other contacts who have also had sightings or unexplained experiences. This investigator is staying in touch with these folks in the hope of visiting the area and meeting different witnesses.

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