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Report # 1742  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 13, 2001.
Two young men have a face to face encounter
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YEAR: 1974


MONTH: October

STATE: California

COUNTY: Los Angeles County

LOCATION DETAILS: Quartz Hill California, House is located on L-10, between 45th and 47th Streets.



OBSERVED: I have to much information to list. I have a video tape please contact me.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, me and my cousin chopping wood.

OTHER STORIES: Many sightings in this area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Windy, clear night.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

Talked with Thomas T. tonight about his sighting encounter, that occurred in Quartz Hill, Ca. during 1974 when he was ten or eleven years old. According to Thom, this sighting has continued to affect his life to this day, ever since that face to face encounter when he was ten years old. I asked Thom the following questions about his sighting encounter:
1. Where did this incident occur? "The animal was observed in my neighbor's back yard while we were using a flashlight. My cousin Darrel and I could plainly see its face and upper body as it stood on the other side of a six foot fence that separates the two properties".
2. What date did this take place? "In 1974, plus or minus a year".
3. What time of year was it? "In the fall of the year".
4. Do you remember the month? "Possibly October?"
5. Was it day or night? "Night! Sometime between the hours of 8pm and 11pm?"
6. Describe the area in which this incident occurred. "At that time it was a desert rural area, and is located not very far from the northern foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains."
7. Where about in the Quartz Hill area did this happen? "On Avenue L-10, between 45th and 47th Street west in my parents' back yard."
8. What distance would you estimate you were from this thing when you saw it? "About twenty or so feet to the fence, and it was just on the other side of that fence."
9. What was your first reaction? "It scared the living daylights out of us, and this has screwed up my childhood, for being able to go out at night."
10. What was it doing? "It was standing looking directly at my cousin, and myself."
11. Were you alone when you first saw this? "No! My cousin Darrel D. also observed this creature."
12. Did it stand and walk on two legs? "It had to be just standing on the other side of the fence."
13. Did you see it go down on all fours? "No! We did not stick around long enough to see it move."
14. Was it covered in hair? "Yes, long hair. At least the parts that we could see."
15. What color was it? "With our flashlights, it looked light brown to a dark blond."
16. How tall would you estimate this thing to have been? "It was about nine to nine and a half feet tall." Note: the fence was about six feet tall, and it was much taller than the fence
17. What would you estimate its weight to have been? "Just a guess at about five to six hundred lbs."
18. Did you see any facial features? "The main thing that caught my attention were the eyes."
19. Could you describe them? "When the light from the flashlight hit its eyes they glowed a bright amber, and they were far apart."
20. Could you describe the arms? "The arms were at its side and covered with hair."
21. Could you tell if it was a male or a female? "No! could see no breast, so assumed it was a male because of its size."
22. For about how long did you see it? "Just a few seconds, because my cousin and I turned and ran back inside as fast as we could."
23. Did it ever make any noise? "Just a Thump-Thump sound as it jumped the fence, which was assumed, because we never seen it move."
24. Did it ever make any animal sounds from its mouth? "Not that we heard."
25. Did it see you? "Yes! It was staring directly at us."
26. Did you smell anything? "No!"
27. Did you check for footprints? "Yes, we checked the following day with my father. The wind was still blowing pretty strong through the night and the following morning. We noticed two deep impressions in the sandy soil on the other side of our neighbors' fence." Note: At the time of the encounter, the neighbors were not at home.
28. Did you report what you saw? (IE) Parents or any agency? "Yes! My Parents."
29. What was their response? "My mom observed us crying at the kitchen table, because we were physically shook up, and she then went to tell my father who at first did not believe us."
30. In your own words describe what happened. "The night of the incident was the night that Little House on the Prairie was making its debut on television. My cousin and myself were playing inside of our house and began to hear noises and I had strange feelings, like we were being looked at from outside of our house. This continued for about twenty or so minutes before we took our flashlight and stepped out in our back yard. That’s when we came face to face with this, at that time, an unknown creature. We only observed this creature for a few seconds when we then turned and ran back into the house, very frightened."

In Summary: There was only one sighting in the Quartz Hill area. The other encounters took place in the Tulare area on his uncle's and aunt's farm. After talking with and visiting with Thom and his wife, I came to the conclusion that they have had numerous encounters on this farm, and our Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization should look further into following up in this area. Thom and his wife Sheila seem to know a lot about this bigfoot animal, and to me, it is all first hand knowledge. Also, I believe that Thom came face to face with an unknown animal in the Quartz Hill area of California in 1974.

Regarding the video tape: This video was made on the uncle's farm in 1995. This video shows only a dark outline of a possible shoulder and a arm going away from you; it lasted less than five seconds. If you have a lot of imagination, you might wish it was the big guy, but it was very difficult to determine. Note: The short tape that I received from Thom was sent on to Kathy Moskowitz, a BFRO Curator, for her determination. I believe that her determination was the same as mine; it was just too difficult to put any creature into the shadows that are shown in the video.

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