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Report # 16294  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, October 17, 2006.
Mushroom hunter has early morning sighting near Festus
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Jefferson County

LOCATION DETAILS: West of Hematite approximately 2 miles.


NEAREST ROAD: Hillsboro Hematite

OBSERVED: I was driving east on hillsboro hematite rd. to go mushroom hunting. Coming into a curve to my left I noticed what I first thought was a person, as I got closer I saw that it was not a person but a large hump shoulderd black animal shuffleing across the road to north side. It was taller than first thought 6 foot est. and it started running into a cedar tree thicket. It swung arms back and forth as it walked like a ape, I stopped the car where it crossed and rolled down my window and turned off my engine and tryed to hear it going away but heard no sounds. Went to mushroom hunting spot and did not stop at site on the way home as I felt it would be taking a chance.

ALSO NOTICED: Suspect caves in the area.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 Only Me. Driving


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:30 A.M. good light. Clear morning

ENVIRONMENT: Hilltop glade betweeen two large valleys fresh water springs are common in area Oak trees Hickory,Cedar.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

I spoke with the witness by phone. He first saw the creature from a distance of 200 yards and was within about 75 yards when it entered the Cedar thicket. He thought the creature appeared relaxed when he first saw it, then "he noticed me and got in a hurry". He described the walk as "better than you would expect for an ape, it walked almost like a human would walk". He described the arms as "a little longer than a human's. He was swinging them as he walked". He describes the shoulders as " heavy" and noted that he was "real muscular on the top part of the body".
The witness noted that he did not really see the face at all, as the creature was facing away from him throughout most of the sighting. The body he described as "hairy and dark, more black than anything else" and noted that he couldn't really judge the length of the hair. He did feel that the hair was "not really all that long". He noticed no body parts which might indicate gender. No odor or vocalizations were associated with the sighting.
The witness has lived within half a mile of the area of the sighting for sixteen years. This is his only sighting and he has noted no unfamilar vocalizations or other unusual incidents during this time.
Report #11823 is fronm the same general area.

About BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard is a community college biology professor.

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