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Report # 15782  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, September 9, 2006.
Possible intimidation/interaction heard by couple on two occasions in route to Fort Bragg
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YEAR: 2006


MONTH: September

DATE: 16

STATE: California

COUNTY: Mendocino County


NEAREST ROAD: 128 highway

OBSERVED: Re: Our Bigfoot encounter in California
My wife and I have had two incidents over the year, including vocalization and wood knocking. We are San Francisco City people, artist; not hunters. We are not used to the outdoors or accustom to the forest and nature and the shock of fresh clean air.

The first encounter was on Tuesday evening, 8/16/05 at 5:17pm on highway 128 in the Redwood forest. We were on a vacation, driving west on 128 and heading towards Fort Bragg, CA. Once we entered the state park, we stopped and parked to smell the fresh air. I marked the time, because I was shooting with my digital camera. We walked into the forest, on a trail, and were having a great time, enjoying our time alone. There was little traffic or noise from the road. The forest was quiet and powerful. We have lived in the center of San Francisco for 15 years, and were stunned and amazed to experience the silence and peace of the Redwoods. As we got deeper into the woods, about 20 minutes, I started to get uneasy; feeling like someone was watching us. The digital photos my wife took of me show my concern, the longer we stayed. Then we heard it. It was a growl-grunting. Just above the hearing of my ears. I would described it as “infra-sound”- a deep sound that was low in pitch, deep, almost inaudible. My body felt it more than my ears. It threw me in a panic. The fear in me rose fast. I looked at my wife and she was feeling the panic. We both looked around. We could not tell the direction. We could not see anything in the thick woods around us. It could have been a bear or a wolf. But my instincts said no. I did not know what it was. But, the "vibe" message was becoming clear- GO AWAY NOW!

Predators do not warn-they ambush-right? My wife looked at me and said “Did you hear that?” I said “Yes”. She said, “Let’s get back to the car”. I said “Good idea!” It was a weird feeling. We were stunned and mystified as we ran back to the car. We drove away nervous and excited about what happened. On our way to Fort Bragg, CA, we were talking about the experience. Was it a bigfoot? Did we have a Bigfoot encounter? We felt something special had just happened. We had to learn more about bigfoots.

Over the year, I became obsessed with bigfoots. I read as mush as I could about the Sasquatch, Yeren, Almasty, and Yeti as my time permit. My wife became obsessed also. Together we decided to go back to those redwoods and try to make contact with the forest giants.

We made it back to highway 128 on Monday 9/4/06. Something told me to pull over at a different spot. As soon as I got out, I had the DV video camera running. On the camera my wife tells me to make my “Whoop-Whoop” Bigfoot call, into the redwood forest. As soon as I did, the camera records wood knocking and tree breaking. Soon the smell of a dead animal/skunk filled the air.

The sounds and smells go on for about three minutes, then stops. I could tell he moved away after my calls to him, inviting him to be photographed. We left the redwood forest, excited about our contact.

My wife wants to see a bigfoot. I do not want to see him. I hear that many people die or have very bad luck after seeing a Bigfoot. Remember Dr. Morbius from the movie Forbidden Planet? Maybe Bigfoot is the ID, coagulated from the quantum soup of our collective unconscious mind. Maybe, Bigfoot is us.

ALSO NOTICED: the quiet.

OTHER WITNESSES: two witnesses. my wife and I

OTHER STORIES: not a local. we live in San Francisco.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: daytime-afternoon.Sunny, warm, no clouds or rain.

ENVIRONMENT: Redwood forest

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brandon Kiel:

The couples' description is pretty consistent. I spoke with the gentleman for over thirty minutes and found him to be a levelheaded and a thorough reporter of the events he and his wife had.

There are very few details to add:

The first event happened roughly 150 yards off of the main road and into the forest. He says that he and his wife both "felt" the encounter a minute or two before they actually had the "auditory" encounter. He feels that the animal possibly used "infrasound" as a way to intimidate or convince them to leave the area before it began to growl at them. They both felt a low-level but significant inaudible force being directed at them; something that was felt through their body and affected their middle ear.

They then heard a low pitched growl that over the course of a minute grew louder and more intense and more insistent. He says he knows for sure that this wasn't a "dog, wolf, bear, or cat...this sounded like a very big man". After this they left the area very upset but also excited.

Just over a year later (9-4-06) they stopped in an area close to where they had been before and after giving a few "whoops" they heard tree knocks and possible tree breaks accompanied by a "wet dog" smell. Shortly thereafter they left the area.

About BFRO Investigator Brandon Kiel:

Brandon Kiel is a professional photographer and naturalist living in the Bay Area.

He was the chief coordinator of Northern California Expeditions for 7 years and has planned/attended more than 20 expeditions throughout the US.

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