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Report # 14677  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, May 16, 2006.
Late night road crossing near Apollo
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YEAR: 1996


MONTH: October

DATE: 12

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Westmoreland County

LOCATION DETAILS: route 780 from new kensington towards apollo turn left at alcoa research go about 1 to 2miles to intersection see sign oak lake golf course your there

NEAREST TOWN: Milligantown

NEAREST ROAD: route 780

OBSERVED: i was driving home late from dropping off my girlfrend about 11pm i was approaching an intersection on a back road when a movement caught my eye something crossed the road in front off me. it took about 3 to 4 steps to cross the road. all i made out was a huge manlike form about 25 to 30 yards away then disapear through the trees on the other side of the road. i stopped. at first i thought that maybe it was aperson but quickly realized there was no vehicle except mine.

i have lived in the area all my life. im not crazy i have had every animal known cross in front of me while driving from a mouse to a bear and nothing absolutly nothing moves that fast or looks the way it did. i have been past that spot hundred of times and never seen it again. i did return the next morning and although there were no tracks there was a clear path through the field were it crossed.

i from the waist down was clearly in view the uper half was shadowed. everybody said oh deer or bear.i say no not on 2 legs. i can take enybody to the exact spot where it happend. im and not lying just interested in sharing my sighting

ALSO NOTICED: pathway through field


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11pm clear moonlite

ENVIRONMENT: field and wooded behind alco research

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness over the phone on 6/24/2006. The following can be added:

The animal crossed the two-lane road in three steps. It was moving very fast. Although the animal looked like it was running, there was no jerking in the movement. It was fluid and glided very smoothly.

The witness visited the site the next day and tried to cross the same road in a sprint and was only able to do it in four and half steps. The witness is 5' 8" tall. This attests to the size of the animal. The witness estimated the height as approximately eight feet tall. It had a very thick build and massive legs. He described it as twice the size of a good size man.

After slamming his brakes, he could hear the animal crashing through the brush. The next day the witness found a clear path made by the animal. There were no tracks present, just broken brush and trampled grass.

The witness's stepfather drew the attached sketch of what the witness saw that night.

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