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Report # 1349  (Class B)
Submitted by witness A.R. on Sunday, March 14, 1999.
large human-like tracks were found in the snow and mud.
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: Second season elk

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Chaffee County

LOCATION DETAILS: Incident occured in Chaffee County Colorado in an area known as Middle Fork,
about 14 to 17 miles west of Salida off Hwy 50.

OBSERVED: My friend had an elk tag for that area but I did not draw so I was just along for the ride. My friend took a strool up a very high ridge as I stayed in the bottom walking along the creek that split the saddle. As I made my way down the creek I noticed a strange single track in
a patch of snow. The track was old as the snow was melting away its clarity but it strongly
resembled that of a human print. It was extremely large, 15" to 16" long, 6" to 7" wide. I must have studied the track for an hour trying to make it out but it was very unclear. I did not see another track in the immediate area but I decided to show it to my friend anyway even though I
started believing that it was just an act of nature. My friend was entrieved by the track as he found more characteristics in the print than I did. He pointed out the toes which were very hard to see but when you looked hard they were there. They seemed to go straight across the top of the foot in a straight line but only three were visible. We then chatted about the track for a while and making excuses for what else it could be. We then decided to head back. We walked down the
creek a little farther when we saw something we could not believe. About 100 yards from the original track were about six or seven additional tracks in snow and mud. These tracks were in much better condition. They had the same dimensions of the first track and appeared to be just
as old. They were in a shaded area so they were some what preserved. Like the first track they only showed three toes but one track showed four and one showed five. The only explanation I had for the tracks being so far apart was that what ever made the tracks must have used the rocks along the creek to walk on.


ENVIRONMENT: About 14000 feet. Tracks were found near creek at the bottom a saddle.
Very few trees were present at the place of the tracks but just bellow it was thick forrest. The rest was above timber line.

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