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Report # 1303  (Class B)
Submitted by R.S. on Saturday, November 27, 1999.
Sisters observe tall hairy creature running away from them
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YEAR: 1942

SEASON: Spring

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Harmon County

LOCATION DETAILS: The sighting occurred 5 miles north and 2 miles west of Gould, Harmon County, Oklahoma.


OBSERVED: My mother and her sister were going to get the cows from the pasture to bring them to the barn. They had just gone through a shelter belt of trees into a clearing when they heard rustling like something moving in the trees. Thinking it was one of the cows they turned around and saw a very tall, hairy creature running away from them. It was standing completely upright running on two legs. Needless to say they ran the other direction.

ALSO NOTICED: After the sighting their father went to the place where they had seen the creature and found a large flattened area that looked like a large animal had been laying. Also some of the neighbouing farmers reported seeing large tracks on their farms that they could not identify around the same time.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes there were two witnesses, my mother and her sister. They had just walked throught he belt of trees where the creature was.

ENVIRONMENT: Gently rolling hills, lots of tree belts and brush. Very sandy soil .

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