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Report # 1278  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Jeff J. on Thursday, March 2, 2000.
While hunting with his dog, a hunter observes a creature in the brush
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YEAR: 1980


MONTH: October

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Allen Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: North of Oakdale, about 2 to 2.5 miles east of Hyw.165.About 250 to 300 yards north of Old Whatley Road. This area now has a Federal prison on this land


NEAREST ROAD: Old Whatley Road

OBSERVED: It was late in the afternoon, close to sundown. The time is unknown. I was hunting with my dog for about an hour, when I got a strange feeling of being watched. I dismissed the feeling as another hunter being in the area watching me.

After another 10 to 15 mintues my dog ran into a thicket, he was not barking at all which was very strange to me. I called him several times and he would not respond. Then all at once he started barking, after a few seconds I heard a a scream. It was so loud I could clearly hear the sound over the dog barking. The dog quit barking and I could hear other sounds of snapping twigs and limbs. My dog came rumming out of the brush right past me in the direction of my home. I called him but he wouldn't stop.

I turned back toward the area where he came from and what I saw scared the hell out of me. I was standing about 25 yards from the thicket and I could make out the outline of something standing in the brush. It was about 7 feet tall or more and very large. The plants around "him" were a light brown with some green mixed in. The figure was a little darker. I do not remember a smell of any kind. It seemed to be looking at me, but I couldn't tell at that distance. It began to move towards me. I could see the brush moving and I could tell that it was alive. I turned and ran and never looked back. I ran all the way home where I found my dog hiding under my Dads truck in the garage. I never told anyone this before.

ALSO NOTICED: I went back hunting in the same place the next year and seen nothing else. I ws questioning whether my eyes were playing tricks on me, I really don't know.

ENVIRONMENT: Pin oak flat, water standing in some areas. A lot of the area is overgrown with brush and small trees, so much that a human sould not get in some places. Nearest home, one mile south. Very large and deep flood control canal 1/2 mile southeast

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